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24 February, 2007

Langkawi Herbwalk

Remember my Langkawi and encounter with ticks (kutu babi) postings where I briefly mentioned of our friend's brother, Dr Ghani aka Pak Din (a medical doctor who has put his career on hold to concentrate on his passion of herbs and traditional medicine) and his herbwalk? The herbwalk is up and running. It was officiated by Tun M.

Well here is the website for the herbwalk!

NB : Dr Ghani's picture is taken from his website


Adam said...

That's an interesting concept. Have a deep interest in herbs and their medicinal properties and may pay the place a visit next time in am back in Kedah.

Dad of Four said...

I hope you'll enjoy it. When went early this year, it was not ready.

Tok Dukun said...


I didn't know I am in your blog. Thank you! Thank you!

It is now definitely ready and waiting for your return. My new website dedicated to the herbwalk will be up within the week.


we will have our on line mall there too selling paraphernalias and NOT HERBS!!! and you know why.

Thanks again

Pak Din
my blog: mekarditamanku.blogspot.com

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on my mind certainly constantly