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10 February, 2007

Yusof the Boy Scout

Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell would have been proud if he had seen this piccie. Yes Yusof is finally old enough to join the scouting movement. He attended his first scouting session a couple of days back.

Yusof enjoyed the first session - and the first meeting...they had to choose the commander and assistant commander. And his first scouting deed was - picking up litter in his school compound. Good on ya Yusof!

I enjoyed the three years of scouting during my primary school years. My mum, who happened to be a teacher in my school, was the scout mistress along with Mr Tan Ah Beng whom I dearly miss- Mr Tan and she made it all the meetings and activities interesting (not being biased here; my friends can testify to this, I'm very sure). Lots of trips, jungle-trekking, camping and campfire organised by them both! A lot of singing too! Once we came out tops in a scouting competition in our district.

Decided to not continue when I continued my secondary school, in a boarding school somewhere in the central region of Peninsula Malaysia, because scouting activities were done Saturday mornings and the bed was more appealing to me that time! No regrets though...
Hoping that Yusof will enjoy his years as a boy scout as much as, or may be more than, I did.


Oya said...

I was not big in scouting. I went to a ballet school 5 years during the elementary school. I know that it is very important what you are doing on that ages. It comes with you along, gives you an outlook. Bad thing, I don't have one single photo of my ballet dancing days.I am soo angry to my mom and dad.... Your kids are so lucky, forget photos thay have a web site dedicated to them....:)

Dad of Four said...

Oya - Wow.. ballet! I dont have many photos taken either when I was young. Cool huh nowadays that you can immortalise everything in the cyberworld!

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly