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02 February, 2007

Escapade - Partie Deux

Had 4 options after lunch...so which one? Like I mentioned in my previous post we had no clue of what to do or what to see in Hulu Langat. So we had to rely on the recommendation of the locals. Made two quick stops at two stalls after lunch hoping to elicit their suggestion on where we should go...

The first one wasn't that friendly.....He said that, despite being a local, he has not been to any one of the four hutan lipur (recreational forest). I totally could relate to him because we have not been to Batu Caves either although it's only 8 minutes' drive away from our abode!

The second stall owner was shy but friendly (?????). But, I could not for the life of me, understand her since she had the Mendaling twang when she spoke that I had to ask her to repeat twice before I could make out what she was saying. What I understood was out of the four, only Hutan Lipur Sg Gabai has a waterfall but it could have little water as it is already the dry season.

I took a chance and drove wifey and the brood to Sg Gabai. From Pekan Hulu Langat Batu 14 we headed towards Pekan Hulu Langat Batu 18 and made a right turn somewhere in the pekan (small town) - there are signs to the hutan lipur which made it easier although there were times when we thought we were terribly lost.

What was supposed to be a recce trip [this is what I told wifey at first since I knew she would not have agreed if I said it was meant for the boys to enjoy the water at the waterfall. I had secretly packed swimming shorts/bath towel/a set of extra cothes each! ; ) ] ended up with the boys taking a dip. Ibraheem was not allowed to immerse fully though as he just had an athma attack two days before!

The 10 minute-drive brought us here. There were two old men who stopped our car 3/4 km away from the entrance asking for a parking levy of RM2. I don't think they are employees of the Selangor State Government and neither did we think that they were the landowners of the adjacent land. No time to argue and paid the fee - after all it's equivalent to less than an hour worth of KLCC parking!

The waterfall is beautiful. Pictured above is the bottom level of the cascade. You can actually climb up further but with the kids.....no way! I would have ended up piggying-back one of them! There's a deep natural pool, apparently at the next level up!


Ibraheem fully clothed - only allowed to wade through the stream.

Umar the most active of the three - ended up with bruises on his knee, calf and thigh.
Yusof got scared by water striders/pond skaters and some nice purple dragon flies!

On the way back we stopped at this place which sells freshly baked bahulu both the normal and rolled variety (malay traditional cake which ingredients are sugar -loads of 'em, eggs and flour). They also sell kuih bakar (which we didnt buy).

Kak Jurifah, an industrious lady who owns "Bahulu Classic".

Dragonfruit drinks (the red and white variety) which was cooling and refreshing - there were bits of dragonfruits in the drink-bought from "Bahulu Classic".

Spotted a putu piring (steamed Malay cake which is made of rice flour with palm sugar as the filling and covered with grated coconut) at Pekan Hulu Langat Batu 18.

Putu piring steamer.

It was an enjoyable trip for everybody (wifey inclusive ! : ) - she made a remark later at night that this is the kind of holiday that she likes; a bit of adventure and some lepakking [chilling out]).

Batang Kali here we come!


Anonymous said...

surely the pitaberry drink pairs well with whatever they have there. wonder how it looks like... mcm buah mata kucing kot..

Dad of Four said...

Anon - no it's definitely bigger. U know those red fruits with skin looks like "scales"......That's the one!

Dad of Four said...

Anon - no it's definitely bigger. U know those red fruits with skin looks like "scales"......That's the one!

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly