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23 February, 2007

Golden Birthday

Wifey received two phone calls from M*d's other half and eldest child, A*na this morning inviting all of us for M*d's 50th birthday surprise bash. A*na co-ordinated everything from where to park the car, what time to arrive etc...

We've known M*d for five years now through a business which she introduced us. She was a senior manager with an investment bank and wifey was with a telecommunication company then (which she left and subsequently re-join after 2 years of hiatus) and only met during documentation meetings for a restructuring exercise.
And through M*d and hubby we met a lot of interesting friends (all of them were there during the bash) who have positive outlook towards life and they have definitely influenced and impacted us in certain areas of our lives mainly in parenting, life challenges and so forth. They are definitely friends to keep and could be depended on any time!

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on my mind certainly constantly