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02 February, 2007

Escapade - Partie Un

Indolence, initially, was to be the order of the day yesterday; after all it was a public holiday for Kuala Lumpur rat racers as it was the Federal Territory day. Good thing it was a public holiday for Selangor (for Thaipusam) because Yusof, Ib and Umar's schools happen to locate in Selangor! Wifey wanted to just veg out the whole day hence the kitchen would be closed for the day.

Couldn't stand the thought of being on a horizontal mode all day, after my gym session at about 8 am, I suggested that we headed for Hulu Langat for lunch and may be go on a recconaisance of the hutan lipur (Recreational Forest) in the vicinity of Pekan Hulu Langat. This came about as wifey had mentioned before to me that one of her uni mates, a thoroughbred city boy, goes on many trips of rendezvous with his wife to Pekan Hulu Langat Batu 14 for breakfast or lunches whenever they are tired of the food in KL- and according to him the food there at the stalls are heavenly. To my surprise, wifey was amenable to it! Yeayy!

We, without any fixed itinerary or research and purely based on what our hearts' desire, left home for Hulu Langat about half twelve. We followed the Kampung Tasik Tambahan route which basically pass through a mountain (the view of KL is fabulous from up there - there is a purpose-built look-out area, which we did not stop, as we were pressed for time or rather our tummies were dictating our brains at that time). I think it's the starting of fruit season in Hulu Langat as there were many stalls selling durian, duku langsat and mangosteen.

Upon arrival, we went for a short spin in the pekan (small town) and basically stopped when we decided to stop! We found a stall next to the post office which looked very full (a lot of high-powered- motor bikers were having lunch when we arrived). Unfortunately this stall does not sell Minang food. It was more of a fusion of Minang and Malay food. Why I say this is because most of the people in Hulu Langat are descendants of suku Mendaling from Sumatera and naturally, the food eaten is basically Minang and I was looking forward to have it! Never mind, there's always next weekend for that nasi padang stall which I spotted near the traffic light in the pekan. For this weekend, it has to be Batang Kali as Yusof has earmarked a local restaurant featured on a local travel show last week which whips, according to the show, to-die-for beef rendang. But then again, Yusof may be biased as he loves any rendang which he can get hold of!

......to be continued

The stall

Nasi Ayam - the rice is very tasty!

Nasi Campur - nothing to shout about except for the sambal belacan which initially I thought was sambal Minang : (

Kuih bakar - naahh; the one at pasar taman tun is 100 times better.

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on my mind certainly constantly