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14 February, 2007

Nice cozy mall

Pic above was taken at the entrance of Amcorp Mall, Taman Jaya in Petaling Jaya.

I used to frequent this mall quite a fair bit to hunt for old stuff - old blue and white porcelain, furniture, urns - junks basically. Come Saturdays and Sundays the mall will be filled with all sorts of stuff (new and old alike- vinyls, books, brassware, plants, toys, furniture and the list goes on) and peddled from temporary stalls all around the mall. It's a hive of activities. If you are looking for antiques, come really really early before the professional antique dealers swarm the mall!

However my mission this time, two Saturdays ago, was of a different kind. I had this craving for a plate of cantonese mee (deep fried vermicelli or sauteed kuew tiow (rice noodle) with a dash of soy sauce on which a thick sauce of chicken/seafood stock with egg is poured over) and Amcorp Mall came to mind since it boasts a few food outlets which I have not tried before save for the kopitiam (traditional chinese coffee shop) on the ground floor. Went round and spotted Uncle Chili which at one glance I thought was Chilli's!

Uncle Chili serves a variety of chinese noodles and dishes. Their specialty which I soon noticed (since the rest of the patrons were ordering) is deep fried fish fillets served in a bamboo container - quite interesting (which I will definitely try on my next visit)!

Of course I did not have to think hard and quickly ordered a plate of cantonese mee! It was reasonably priced - RM5.00 (less than USD2.00) and taste-wise - passed with flying colours. The sauce was neither thick nor watery...Ingredients were fresh and the noodle was just right (I had a mix of vermicelli and kuey tiow). They had pickled green chilli too!

I had some time to kill after satiating my craving and was told by TRM that Amcorp has a few bookshops (second hand and brand new) which sell cheap books! There is the Pay less Bookshop, three rental bookshops (one of which stocks really new books - opposite Book Axess), Book Axess (cant remember the exact name either Axess or Exess or ?) and a back-issue glossy mags shop (prices are RM5 - for offers and RM9.90 for the rest). As I did not have much time to browse...I only managed to get two books for Yusof (the Animporphs series 2 for RM10 and they were brand new!) , one each for Umar and Ibraheem (books published by Usborne for about RM12 and RM19 each - it would have made me poorer double the amount in other bookshops), old National Geographic mags for Khadijah and Vanity Fair (Suri and parents on front cover) & Home and Garden for wifey! Sigh.....again no books for me as time was limited (whoops...I did buy UK Men's Health November issue for RM5)!

At Book Axess, the shipment of new books, according to the salesgirl is once a month! They are cheap and spanking new!

Uncle Chili on lower ground floor of Amcorp Mall

My yummy cantonese mee


Minahsongeh said...

Wah , Must go to Amcorp mall. I wonder if the bookstores open during the chinese new year weekend?

Dad of Four said...

MS- not sure myself...

BTW Thanks for visiting!

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on my mind certainly constantly