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26 February, 2007

Daughter's Point of View

I was pleasantly surprised when I was downloading pictures from my friend's camera which he left under my charge. I found the pictures which I've posted in this entry composed by my daughter. She was having a gala time in all sorts of yoga positions capturing what were pleasing to her eyes. She's a self-starter in photgraphy but all this while she's been using a point-and-shoot and this time a dSLR!

I have chosen some pictures which sort of explain two of my passions; old stuff and gardening!

Out of all the pictures photographed by my daughter, I like the above most. The lock featured in this piccie was handed down by my dad (not sure about this - he got it from my late grandad)and it used to be the lock to our front gate of our house in Batu Pahat - 32 Jalan Durian, Taman Ampuan, Batu Pahat, Johor. It now rests and guards our main entrance to my current house as part of a more than 100 year old Javanese door ensemble I purchased some 7 years ago from Aishah (an Italian lady married to a local whose interest is anything old from Indonesia. They used to have a guest house in Jogja).

I bought the door to remind me part of my roots. My maternal grandad hailed from East Java (I'm 1/4 Javanese, as my dad is a mix of Arab and Bugis and my maternal grandmom was a mix of Chinese from Yunan and Javanese).

This carving is part of the door too! The original door is quite colourful, typical and trademark of Javanese houses doors but I have left it un-restored to show the quaintness of it!

Part of my old tiffin collection. The white and blue one is new though - a housewarming gift from my partner

I've chosen this picture because of the congkak (a traditional Malay game) board. It was made out of old chengal wood by my late maternal grandmom from the remains of an old police station barrack up north. My late grandad was a policeman. My maternal grandmom singlehandedly carved out holes from the heavy chengal wood. I used to play with my kids quite a fair bit but not anymore. May be I should teach my younger ones how to play the game!

This congkak board has also doubled up as tea candle holders for those nights which I feel like having only candle lights light up our living room!

My yet to bloom stephanotis flowers aka Madagascan Jasmine (a native of Madagascar). They're sweet smelling when they bloom and I love it when I do my work at my home-office at night when the scent waft through my window!

My costus - Dwarf Orange Ginger . As my garden is not so big, I only have three species of Costus.


Adam said...

You love old things. Well we have some thing in common. i love antiques and there's a lot of them here in the UK.

Dad of Four said...

Adam - Have you started collecting them over in the UK...Plenty of choices huh...You'd be surprised what you can get from car boot sale!

Oya said...

You should encourage Dijah for starting a photoblog :)She is something... Thanks for all your messages btw.

Dad of Four said...

Oya- yes I will....She has a knack in photography! Finding classes for her to attend. She missed the boat to join the photography club at her school this year!

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly