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07 February, 2007

Evening of all sorts

After my meetings yesterday, met up with my best friend, Nas* at Avenue K mainly to catch up and touch base as he has been very busy for the last couple of months as I have been equally so. Our friendship spans about 26 years this year! Aint that a long time. We opted for Uncle's Ho Food Court this time as opposed to the Italian ristoranti we normally would meet. Hey peeps, this food court has a hotspot!

We talked about family, life, politics and everything under the sun, really. Our crux of concern is keping up with the ever-raising inflationary pressure, mooting ideas and ways to make extra money - the cashflow pipeline so to speak. We have been discussing this for the past god-knows-how-long and sadly, we are still in the "ing" mode. Is that pathetic or what?

Char Kuey Teow from the Penang stall (or should I say Indon stall, considering the cook and staff are all Indonesians!) - Not nice at all!

Fried Lobak (my friend asked me whether it was fried carrot? BTW "lobak" is carrot in Malay). "Lobak" is actually Pork fritters. In this case, the lobak is replaced with rice flour cubes. (NB : The sentences in red were my original posting which has been clarified by FTM who commented this posting. For further clarification please read FTM's comments. Thanks FTM!) Not too bad this - but when it cooled off, it was too salty!

Penang Rojak (local fruit salad mixed with prawn paste sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds and grounded peanuts) - they overdid it with the prawn paste (but we cleared the sauce anyway!)

After bidding adieu I dropped by at MJ concept store which is spanking new; thinking that thay have a children/toys department which they don't have, to my dismay. The homes department houses the latest and expensive home furnishings and totally different from those at the rest of Metrojaya stores. Maybe because it's at Avenue K (where posh brands are the order of the day). Just feasted my eyes and off I went to Toys-r-us to get superwoman's son's pressie. Buying present for a boy is definitely easier than it would be a girl. I just zoomed in at the auto world section and within secs my purchase was done! It took the cashier much longer to wrap the pressie than I did choosing it!

My last stop at Avenue K was MBC (our favourite fruit shop on par with the Petaling Street stalls that we frequent occasionally) to get fresh fruits to juice! Normally, this is wifey's portfolio as she is practically a fixture (LOL) at Suria KLCC between 1-2pm everyday and Avenue K is just across the road!

Darn....still had two more stops...."One Stop Shop" at Taman Melawati (for school uniform, shoes and anything relating to co curricular activities) and KFC. OSS - for Yusof's scouts uniform (he'd better not quit scouting before end of the year like he did with his footie and tae kwan do last year!). Did you know that it would cost you about RM70 for a set of scout uniform (excluding the pants, mind you!)? I thought that the badges, scarf etc came in all in one price. Heck I was sooo wrong.... The shirt only costs RM19.50. The RM50 came in the form of accessories! Anyway, I do hope that Yusof will enjoy scouting as much as I did 30 years ago! "Home...home on the range.....blah blah blah......." (one of the songs we used to sing!)

Last stop was KFC to get a barrel of chicken to bring over to Superwoman's place to celebrate JoJo's birthday. Ate like a pig at Superwoman's....The kueh kasui (made of rice flour and palm sugar covered with grated coconut) whipped by superwoman's mum was delishh...Wifey and I finished a whole small-sized platter of the kueh, DENGAN TAK MALUNYA!

Retired or rather tried to retire about mid-nite with stomach bulging and body aching (from the previous day's training session)!


The Superwomanwannabe said...

thank you so very much for your kfc adn lovely lovely over due company...yeah isnt it sad that my mom's cooking skills did not get passed down? tell Ib to come over and play with the set as at 1.30 am it finally got assembled by my mom AND dad. :-)

Dad of Four said...

Superwoman- Hey...Umar is down with HFMD. Not a good idea to have Ib araound!

Anonymous said...

Just FYI, kueh lobak is not supposed to be pork fritters.

Kueh Lobak in Chinese is "loh pak kou". "Loh pak" is chinese for radish (side note: hong loh pak meaning red loh pak is carrot).

I think you might have confused this with the northern "lobak" which are "meat rolls". A popia looking thing, only that they use beanskin to wrap it instead of popia skin.

Both "lobak" are actually in different dialects. The former, cantonese and the latter, hokkien.


Dad of Four said...

Anon - thanks for the info....!

The Superwomanwannabe said...

yeah thanks fulltimemom!

khaier khamis said...

kueh kasui ke kuih kaswi??
teringat tahun 2003- the whole level of my residential college laughed like a hell on me bile sy bilang kuih kasui.....paise lor,

Dad of Four said...

Beats me! Org Muo cakap kuih ke-sui

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly