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27 February, 2007

Report Card

Made good progress with my attempt to lose a bit of weight down to my ideal weight. So my report card says:-

Body Fat down from 20.8% to 15.2%
Visceral Fat down from 14% to 8%
Weight down from 72.8 kg to 70.2 kg

Not bad for one month of exercise. The only difference now is that I have specific goals unlike before where I just exercised haphazardly. Needless to say I was at status quo at the end of it! But, still another kg plus to go!


nafastari said...

good luck bro!

Dad of Four said...

nafastari - thanks! Where's your 6 weird stuff?

bola2api said...

Well done!

I also have achieved my target weight of 49kg.

if u wanna lose 'em fast, start running! tapi food intake also kena jaga..

takleh la lari 10km tapi bantai 3 nasi lemak, kan? hehehe

nafastari said...

kenapa i makan banyak, tp x naik2 gak berat badan

57kg is too light for a height of 173cm

gue tertekan sbb KURUS!!!

Oya said...

That sounds promising. Good Luck...

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly