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28 February, 2007

Smitten by Sukarsa

I am not an art collector nor am I an art connoisseur and I don't profess to be knowledgeable in this realm! But I do admire and appreciate them in a novice-kind-of-way. In other words, what pleases my eyes R O C K S!

So don't ask me about paint strokes, the elements, etc...! Maybe, I can identify some of the styles like impressionist, abstract, realist, surrealist, art deco or pop art.That's about it really! Beyond that...I'm hopeless.

The ones which I normally like and pick here in Kuala Lumpur are way too expensive for my pocket like Latiff Mohideen's work! I love Eng Tay's work too...(Met him once personally a couple of years back and that was a dream come true for me - a very down to earth and soft spoken bloke! Excuse me for name-dropping! LOL) - can only afford his prints though!

Last March, I attended a good friend's wedding in Bali and went on an art gallery hopping in Seminyak and Ubud after learning from friends that Bali has a thriving art scene! Traipsing through half a dozen of galleries in Ubud, due to time constraint, I was attracted to the works of an up-and-coming artist, Wayan Sukarsa - read his biography here [BTW for the uninitiated all Balinese are either Wayan/Gede/Putu (1st born) or Made/Kadek (2nd born) or Nyoman/Komang/Koming (3rd born) or Ketut (4th born)] who paints Balinese culture and the ones I saw was a series of the above painting which I acquired at a very affordable price! So now it sits pretty on my living room wall.

My preferred style has to be abstract as I enjoy interpreting them (like the one done by Sukarsa)! With his work, I was spot on in interpreting what he paints which was one of the reasons I had to buy his work. Click the picture to enlarge and have a guess what it depicts. You'd be surprised.....

The answer will be in another posting ...soon!

The wedding setting

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on my mind certainly constantly