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03 February, 2007

My tech savvy son


Ibraheem has always been technologically inclined..This was told to me by his computer teacher at his kindy during the end of year assessment last year. His strength is, according to his computer teacher, that he is very curious and not afraid to make mistakes hence explains the next paragraph.

I had left the computer turned on after my previous posting to check on wifey in the kitchen who was cooking laksa johor. When I wanted to continue surfing, I saw the "name acronym" above generated by Ibraheem through www.go-quiz.com. Geez....I never knew this thing exists. Way to go Ib!

Anyway, he's definitely not insane and radiant. The rest is somewhat true!


dijah said...

I found out about that first!!!
yerp,i'm not joking..

Dad of Four said...

Ya Ya Ya.....You i can understand, but Ib?

dijah said...

|[my rp version]|

she sits still in her chair and ties her hair up in a ponytail.she plays with her fingers.

"I might have overlooked that..."

She takes her frappucino from her bag and slurped it quietly.she suddenly stands up.

"But either way I found it first!!"

|[nobody to rp with at the moment]|

Dad of Four said...

: )!

OK point taken!

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly