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04 February, 2007

No not Batang Kali!

We ended up in Janda Baik this morning, instead of Batang Kali as planned, until late afternoon, after wifey invited herself, us and L** and her two kids to this magical hideout! Our good friend Li*a (who happens to be half proprietor and the principal of the kindy which Ib and Umar attend) has a twice removed (if I'm not wrong) cousin who owns a weekend home in Janda Baik. A lovely house with two rooms, two bathrooms, a huge kitchen and a verandah overlooking a humongous (to our standard) fish pond. The bonus is that a stream passes through at the back of the house!

We arrived about quarter to ten and immediately filled our empty tanks with nasi lemak (wifey cooked) and tuna sandwiches and fried rice (courtesy of Li*a and Isk) before we headed for the stream. It was the first time for L** and her two kids in Janda Baik (our fourth visit) and they absolutely fell in love with the serenity and calmness of the place. Crispy and salubrious air, no traffic, laidback lifestyle etc..one can never ask for more! Spent about two and a half hours soaking ourselves in the cool water. This may sound cliche - time really flies when you are having a lot of fun but this is really how we felt when the time showed 1 pm!

The suspension bridge made of bamboo and wood planks to get us across to a flatter land from the house.

The kids (a total of10) dipping in the stream and gathering rocks to make a mini dam.

The boys

The boys again....fishing. Yusof caught three fishes ( a tilapia, an unknown specie and a puyu) of what was our lunch - tilapia deep fried, the unknown specie - masak lemak and the puyu - life was saved and released back to the pond! Wifey and I drove out to a nearby shop to buy grated coconut, onions and cili padi for the ikan masak lemak.

Isk releasing the hook

Our lunch before cleaning them.

Masak lemak whipped by Li*a

Deep fried tilapia

Before leaving, Li*a and Isk gave us a tour of other properties in the vicinity. This one is called Sailor's Rest which belongs to a couple whose husband was a naval officer. They do rent out their place which consists of the main house and a house boat (pictured above). The garden is huge and very well kept!

Another property which belongs to a judge.

This one belongs to the current Menteri Besar of Selangor.

Well, another short break for us and a fulfilling day forging friendship ties! We are definitely gong back to Janda Baik........


Thush said...

I want to go to Janda Baik too...looks excellent - and such a great name ..."good divorcee" ! didnt know there was such a thing...hee hee

Dad of Four said...

That was to supposed to be the title of my posting but decided against it....

Anyway, welcome to blgosphere!

Anonymous said...

looks refreshing especially the pic with the fish in the sink. eh, can cook one meh? got kitchen some more.

Dad of Four said...

Anon-yes the house is fully furnished! tv, dvd, fridge, hot water etc.

Venukumar said...

whats the name of the place and how do we book it?

Dad of Four said...

Venu - The house which we stayed is a private property. You may want to try Sailor's Rest. Click on "Sailor's Rest" in my posting and you will be linked to the website! :)!

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on my mind certainly constantly