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16 May, 2007


Sand storm at Medinah airport which subsided after we reached the terminal bulding
Left for Medinah on 30th April 2007 rather than the scheduled 29th April as flight SV821 was delayed for 12 hours due to some technical fault at Jakarta Airport. Saudi Air housed us at Pan Pac KLIA for the night. Wifey and the kids left me alone (mmm...not really - let me with with my 13 aunts and uncles whom I had to co-ordinate for the 6.45am boarding) at the hotel with plenty of hugs and kisses to last them for the next 13 days.
Initially, I wanted to follow them back and asked wifey to drop me off the folowing morning but decided against it as it would involve a lot of re-scheduling.

Arrived King Fahd International in Dammam (north east of KSA) about 11.10 local time to drop off Indonesian workers/maids and finally reached Prince Mohd Bin Abd Aziz Airport, Medinah at roughly quarter to 2 in the afternoon.

We had to go through a sand storm prior to landing and imagine the 747 swayed right to left for a good 30 minutes before it landed which left some of the passengers whose seats were towards the tail of the plane airsick!

Checked in at Dallah Taibah Hotel just across of Medinah Hilton and quickly visited the Prophet soon after all the luggages were settled which was an hour before Maghrib prayers.

I have never been able to describe my ziarahs to Medinah well and to write what I experienced will do injustice to this holy place. Hence I will not attempt to write about it. Honestly, the feeling is indescribable, one has to experinece it oneself. In one short sentence - It was a spiritually uplifting trip!
Our stay in Medinah was only two nights.....bidding farewell to the Prophet was an emotional one for me

Zam zam water dispensers placed all around the mosque

Raudhah area

Queuing up to make salam to the Prophet

The mini domes at the Prophet's mosque (masjid Al-Nabawi)

Quba' Mosque

One of the two dates orchards, Quba' orchard (the other one being Awali Orchard) blessed by our Prophet

Young dates

Jabal Uhud area

The hill which the Prophet stationed the bowmen during Uhud war

The largest Quran printing factory in the world privately financed by the King of KSA

The Quran printing area


sherrina said...

I thought camera is prohibited in the middle east especially in mosque.

Dad of Four said...

Sherrina - This time the security ppl were not strict. Org guna discreet cameras like cam phone. Ramai yg ambil video footage this tiem around.

Xis said...

glad that you're given good health while performing your umrah right over there. Thanks for sharing the pic. That Raudah area pic made me weepy.. wondering when my turn to go there will be.. The first time I wanted to go there - I got cheated by the agency.. and a few times later.. it just never happened.

Dad of Four said...

Xis - Huh? Nak pergi Umrah pun org boleh con? Astaghfirullah....

Your time will come, dont worry!

Xis said...

yup... 150 people altogether. That was back in err.. how many years ago.. don't remember.. Insya'allah.. my time will come..

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly