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27 May, 2007

Prawn Briyani 101

Mmm not exactly a tutorial on prawn briyani.
Spent half the morning yesterday, on my birthday, in an unlikely place for me - the kitchen! Wifey had an order for prawn briyani for 50 people...I decided, with her condition (5 months' pregnant) it was a husbandly duty to at least accompany her in the kitchen....It was an enlightening one for me too....At least I knew roughly how one of my favourite dishes is cooked...If you asked me the ingredients now - i'd say prwan, basmathi rice, onions, some spices, ghee, mint and corriander leaves, evaporated milk and pureed tomato. I'm sure there's more but I wasn't a good student yesterday! LOL (if you want the recipe, e-mail me ....!)
Wifey cooked a separate pot for us to wallop....Invited a couple of friends for a mid-night snack (how can I call it a snack when we devoured at least 3 plates each) last night....Even though we only had the rice and dhall (normally wifey would make raita or achar and spicy deep fried chicken , we left the pot clean to the brim!

The prawn and onion

Spices for the rice with screwpine leaves before the basmathi rice is mixed with them

The dhall


wan said...



everything okay in detail and step by step (bit slow here)

D said...

good.. husband mithali. takkan pandai buat anak je! must frequent the kitchen too.

ruby ahmad said...

Hi dad of four,

Must I be tortured seeing all this scrumptious spread? Ha ha!

You are a good spouse being considerate to a wife who is in a family way. It is no joke carrying that extra weight around and to think we can't put it down like we could if we were carrying our bag. It is a job we have to carry thru 24/7 for nine months. So good to know you care and understand women's challenges.

bola2api said...

that briyani is a lot of work!

last time when we did my son's aqiqah in hubby's kampung, i had the chance to learn(as in 'tengok' and 'kupas bawang') how to make mutton briyani.
seriously remeh and i was thinking "dari pagi sampai petang, tak habis-habis masak, masak, masak.."

Xis said...

WoWW.. prawn briyani.. looks good. You wife's doing catering or something? Anyway.. it good that you helped her in the kitchen.. :) I do help my mom anytime I get home...

Intan said...

Happy belated Birthday! May you be blessed with good health, happiness and long life!

Prawn Briyani! All the delicious cholesterol!

halwafy said...

Err, seriously..wouldlooove to get the recipe...:), if your wife doesn't mind, that is...

You're not volunteering her secret recipe behind her back, are you?? ;)

D said...

hey, sorry but I tagged you... boleh ye, pak mithali??? Sporting la bro!

BicaraTeruna said...

wow ur wife cooked u all that?

how nice. hmmm

mayyyyyybe i need a wife too lol
but then I might end up cooking for her :P


Sori...but how many guests you had? Macam nak masak lauk utk a barrack full or army guys je.
Since you helped out this time round, maybe you could the cooking when the 5th arrives c{:^)

wan said...

mana recipe nih??? dah ramai orang mintak nih...

Dad of Four said...

Wan - I will pass you the recipe.....By next week..!!!

D - Husband mithali tu don't think so...But try to do my bit whenever possible.

Ruby - LOL!I know what you mean...Try to give her a break from the kids now since it's a load of wight to carry around!

B2A - According to wifey, it's the preparation bit which takes most of the time and you are right "remeh"!

Xis - No, wifey is not in catering line....She wished she was rather than reading, drafting and commenting on agreements for this telco company! When close friends ask her to cook then she will cook la....provided she has the time!

Intan - Thanks. That day I probably busted my colesterol count!

Halwafy - I will get to it....Wifey suka share recipe dengan org, anyway.

D - I will attend to the tag this week! :)

BicaraTeruna- Yup she did..She loves cooking so when she cooks it's not a chore to her...

MC - She cooked for 50 this time. But she can cook untuk khenduri even! Me cook? I hung my apron ever since I got married. I don't think my wife would eat what I cook! LOL

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on my mind certainly constantly