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18 May, 2007

A "fight" most welcome

My kids "fight" all the time.....for the wrong and most trivial reasons most of the time. There are a lot of times, though, differences are encouraged in my household!

Don't you love being a mediator? OR do you put on the despotic hat and slam down your feet? As for me, it would depend on the situation. Where there is no two ways about it....it's the latter for me.

It was a different kind of "fight" this morning on the way sending Yusof to school and Khadijah for her maths tuition. It was over Surah Al Inshiqaq....Yusof is currently memorising the surah and was reciting in the car when Khadijah thought he recited one ayat wrongly and hence the fight as both thought they were right....It continued for a good 5 minutes..and I had to be a bystander because I couldn't mediate as...regrettably I don't memorise the surah..How embarassing!

Luckily I had the assistance of Sheikh Abdul Rahman Aziz As Sudays, the leading Imam of Masjidil Haram (of whom I had the opportunity of shaking hand with in the year 2000 in Mekkah), in the form of his CD.

In the end....Yusof was right! The five minutes of tongue lashing and animated debate was a welcome change for me!


D said...

excellent if they fight over academia, eh?

Dad of Four said...

D - Exactly! Generally, If they fight over "things" which stimulate their brain and encourage the forming of their own opinion - it's heart warming and the noise doesn't seem to bother me at all! LOL

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly