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21 May, 2007

Mishap - updated

Wifey just came back from the hospital and told me that my D-I-L was in an upbeat mood albeit a bit disoriented.

He kept repeating the story of how he said his car was actually parked at a hospital to which my wife answered that was probably what went through his mind whilst the accident happened. My M-I-L was quick to quip, "nasib baik teringat park kat hospital and not batu 2" (lucky that he thought he was parked at a hospital and not a cemetary".....He even asked my wife whether she thought that he could be paralysed....etc etc....to which wifey said a flat NO. Still talking about when are we going back to Kedah to see his orchard and his "rest house" (a pondok) which we have had to cancel a few times the last one in March (school holidays) when he got himself hospitalised. We'll see whether wifey will be up to it this coming school hols.

His operation is on as scheduled. We'll go to the hospital tonight and see him.


Xis said...

sorry to hear about your D-I-L. Wish him speedy recovery... Aminnn..

Dad of Four said...

Thanks Xis!

Anonymous said...

Hope all is alright. And best wishes to your DIL for a speedy recovery.


Pato & Pearl said...


regards - P&P

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on my mind certainly constantly