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17 May, 2007

Boys will be boys

This may sound cliche but I have to say it..."Boys will be boys". I was once there.......(or may be still is...You have to ask wifey that! LOL).

My almost 10 year old, Yusof missed his bus, yet again yesterday. Sometimes we think that he does it purposely so that he can stay a little bit longer in school. No, not for study groups but to play ball! But seriously, we trust him.....It's not a conscious agenda for him! He always gets a wee bit carried away whilst waiting for his school bus. He finishes at 3.30pm and the bus normally leaves school about 4pm and hence he thinks that there's plenty of time to muck araound. Well, it's his third time, I think this year. So it's still tolerable. Lucky that his Dad is quite flexi with time; that is if there is no meeting and yesterday was one example.

I had to snap a picture of his shirt.....! You should have smelled it....worse than the smell of prawn paste! I do the laundry at home, you see (no we don't allow the maid to operate the washing machine after a series of unfortunate events)....And lucky for me that wifey buys detergent with enzyme that removes dirt easily yet kind to the fabric....I just had to chuck Yusof's heavy-soiled shirt in the machine and wallah it looked brand new!

Ah well.....our helper used to grumble a lot re my brother's and my school white shirts....With technology and bio-technology, our chores become easier by the day!

By the way Yusof, this is not a carte blanche for you to roll around the ground in school and dirty your clothes.....Comprende?


halwafy said...

Agak teruk jugak baju dia :)....boys will be boys indeed!

Xis said...

hahaha.. my school shirt never got that dirty.. if it did.. I know my mom would ask me to wash myself.. which I would never.. :)

Apandi said...

I thought I was the only dad who does the laundry (wife does the folding and ironing). Is it the trend nowadays that daddy does the laundry... ha ha ha.

Dad of Four said...

halwafy - BTW ada yg lagi lebih teruk....Like sampai koyak baju & seluar!

Xis - Mesti budak baik nih! Lucky we had Kak Midah to wash our clothes kalu tak mesti kena basuh sendiri!

Apandi - Thanks for dropping by! It's the trend to distribute chores period.

bola2api said...

Ingatlah iklan FAB - Kotoran itu baik

Then u takkan rasa tension kat diorang hehe

Dad of Four said...


on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly