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25 May, 2007

Baden-Powell junior

Yusof's going on a three-day-two-night camping trip with his school scout mates and of course his teachers. This is his first school trip which requires overnight stay. Somehow the decison of letting go of a son, as opposed to a daughter, on a long trip with overnight stay seems easier to make although I must say it took us about two weeks to decide whether to allow him to go on this trip after persistent persuasion by him. I didn't want to miss what I went through during my scouting trips in primary school...But then again, my mum was one of the scouting mistresses....So less worry for my parents then!

Last night was about buying of what he needs for the trip which I did on my own....Asked the maid to do the prelimnary packing for Yusof and off we went to visit D-I-L at the hospital with all four - wifey didn't follow as she was a bit knackered. BTW D-I-L has shown a lot of improvement.

Upon reaching home, did the final packing for Yusof in his presence and briefed him on what to wear when etc....He just nodded throughout the briefing.

This morning, on the way to school ran through a final round of instructions..like please change undie at least twice a day...make sure wet/damp clothings are hang-dried before putting in to the solied clothes plastic etc etc...Made sure he understood everything by asking him to repeat which he managed to hit 70% in accuracy..But the implementation side of it...I just have to trust him!

Hope he will enjoy three days of night walks, jungle trekking, pond rafting, flying fox etc etc.....


Xis said...

Scouts? That's something I never like to join back then. I rather stay at home and watch tv than go camping.. but that was then when I was in school.. Nowadays, I just love camping.. but unfortunately, I have yet to find the right group of people who love to camp.. otherwise, I would love to join. Anyway, I believe Yusoff will have good time with his scoutmates..

bola2api said...

boys will be boys .. let them learn from their experences :)

halwafy said...

Did you do the final packing for him or your wife did it?? My husband wouldn't go within a mile of these kinds of 'duties' - it's all in my department because I am a stay at home mom. I guess when both parents are working, these kinds of responsibilities need to be shared, huh...?

Dad of Four said...

Xis - I enjoyed my boy scout years. Came secondary school, I opted out coz their activities were mostly after subuh prayer during the eekends and sleep was important to me then because of the hectic schedule in a boarding school during weekdays!

B2A - Yup you are right...They'll survive in any given condition....I hope Yuosf will because he's very picky when comes to toilets....

Halwafy - Packing is always my department and so is laundry (minus ironing and folding)..Wifey just have to pack her stuff..I pack for five individuals when it comes to travelling! You are right when both are working parents chores/responsibilities must be shared ( I don't get invloved in kitchen and clenaing stuff at all!)

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly