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21 May, 2007

La fête d'anniversaire/عيد ميلاد الحزب

As in any other events, Ib's and Umar's birthday party was not spared with glitches...
We told the bakers that we would pick up the cakes at 9 sharp so that we could pick up the currypuffs at Mak Jah's at half nine! When we arrived, there was only one cake in the chiller, which is Ib's Beemer cake and the T-Rex cake was no where to be found! The pastry chef arrived late and her staff could not find the cake....She finally arrived at five past nine and sauntered in to the shop unperturbedly despite the noise my four kids were making and the fact that an agitated father was ready to pounce on her! She made her way to the kitchen and came up with a cake which was as clean as a hound's tooth. She had to start the icing from scratch! She had the cheek to say that she was busy finishing the cakes which some customers ordered the day before and scheduled to picj up much later in the day...Where's the logic here? We ordered a week ago and scheduled to pick it up at 9 a.m! Confrontation would not solve anything and I had to endure a ten minutes' of "why dad this" and "why dad that" plus "Dad, I'm thirsty" "Dad I'm hungry" despite the breakfast mom had provided them an hour before. Lucky that a "sharp" staff offered my kids hot milo and buns on the house! Got the cake and heade for Mak Jah's and guess what? The curry puffs weren't there! Apparently the owner was told by a staff that I would come about 10 a.m. I made that staff write 9.30 in the diary and did he bother checking the diary? Typical... The owner led me the way to a house where the curry puffs were! It was ready all this while......Imagine my time wasted. Finally evrything was done by close to 10 a.m. Drove rather frantically to Isi Rimba as my invitation card says from 10 a.m.
By the time we reached there it was quarter past 10 already and there was Ra**an and his family already helping themselves in the stream. What an embarassment for us!
We started the party with the stream first as we wanted all the kids to arrive before the singing/cake cutting/games...Food was served piecemeal basis as suggested by Kak Heart of Isi Rimba - which was a brilliant idea....At least the guests had a go at all of the food whipped by Kak Heart herself - Chinese Fried Rice, Bee Hoon Goreng, Coleslaw, BBQd chickens sausages and fish, nuggets, fruits and pudding. We brought along packet nasi lemaks, roti jala and curry, kueh koci and curry puffs.
The kids had fun in the stream and did not bother to eat at all apart from junk food! The kids were really looking forward to the cakes, though...Strawberry and blackforest cakes!
Khadijah helped (but got distracted a lot of times while helping me) me made a Pinata out of samll box decorated with blue and white crepe paper. Considere buying one....but one costs RM70 from this big toy shop...Mmm...it was an easy way out by the Treasury department would surely gave me ahrd time if I did that! In the end I spent RM8 for the Pinata. I smiled after it was mutilated by the kids thinking how much I had saved!
A few of our guests left about 1 pm since some of the kids have exams the following day. We continued with two more games of relay in balloon blowing and tug-of-war. I think everybody had fun.....Most of the guests left about half two and my immediate family stayed on until 4 pm....And the thunder roared thereafter! Perfect timing!
Honestly, we definitely will go back to Isi Rimba...The place is great, food is above my expectation and Kak Heart is a gem! I don't have qualms to recommend friends this place...If you are looking for a fuss free birthday parties, try Isi Rimba!

Trying to sort the kids out in to two teams which took ages for me to do. I wonder how teachers manage 40 kids in a class????

My auntie who's such fun to be around with my mum

Eagerly waiting to blow the candles

Nicking the fresh cream from the cake
The only blew with one breath

What a mess Umar!

Mum and Dad cutting the cakes. Notice my latest hairstyle....very easy to maintain

Yusof with all his might hitting the Pinata which I made

Ib having a go. It took about 15 rounds of hitting (3 hits each round) before the Pinata gave way
What a leeway for Umar by the person who controlled the rope

Superwoman's daughter having a go

Tug-of-war in the stream

Prizes enough for all the participants


Pato & Pearl said...

we wanna hit tat Pinata too..can we.can wwwweeeee....hehehe..All in all, it looks like a great fun birthday bash for your kids!

Pato & Pearl
PS : So when Ib's gets turns 18 and legal to drive, will there be an actual Beemer??..hehe (insya allah kan..amin amin...)

halwafy said...

That really looks like it was a blast!!! And a homemade pinata??!!

Well done you!

p/s: pakai kotak apa by the way and did you make it into some sort of shape? (Just sibuk nak tau..:))

D said...

phewitt!!! Great party that was. sorry couldn't catch a flight back to join the wonderful Rimba party. Ahaks! Yeah, am also thinking of making a pinata for my princess' party.

Xis said...

I don't remember when the last time I hit that pinata.. must be decades ago.. Yah.. I saw that you got a new Umrah hairstyle.. :D And I bet those kids really had fun! Okay.. next.. whose birthday? Dad himself, I bet?

ruby ahmad said...


What a smashing celebration. Connecting with loved ones and close friends at such a sperb setting. Glad from the photos I can see everyone had a blast of a time.


I like the play in the stream game...and the...play in the stream game...and also the play in the stream game hakhakhak

Intan said...

a birthday your children and their friends are unlikely to forget! the parents, too!

Dad of Four said...

P&P - He's eying on Brabus and Wish. He said he'll drive mum & dad in his Wish!

Halwafy - a small envelope box! Initially it was meant to be some kind of monster but it was getting late....It looked like a house in the end! LOL!

D - Tu lah...was waiting for u...rupanya no fllight...LOL

Xis - Dad's birthday is this weekend! No celeb though!

Ruby - You bet...!

Minah C - Memang best..Tapi sejuk!

Intan - Ya...we really enjoyed ourselves...

Xis said...

your birthday this weekend? When? Sunday? My mom's birthday is this coming sunday (May 27)

Dad of Four said...

Xis - One day earlier

sherrina said...

walla....bestnya. Hmm...nak gi lah tgk tempat ni. Mcm syok aje. Unfortunately paras air sungai takat itu aje ek? Takleh le nak scuba sakan....:p

Dad of Four said...

Sherrina - Ada tempat yg about pinggang.....

Xis said...

I just remember something.. actually you with your new hairstyle just reminded me of someone I used to know before.. hahaha.. :)

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on my mind certainly constantly