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17 May, 2007

Birthday Invite

Yeayy..birthday invite is finally ready.

What do I do without my sis! Thanks a million!


ur sis said...

Haha..dah agak, mesti u upload it here. Anytime, bro! BTW, bila nak start event mgmt co ni ;)?

Anonymous said...

wow, fancy nya!

have a superb party! ;)

halwafy said...

Wow..terer la mummycatz...nice!

D said...

cool... am i invited? ;p

Xis said...

that's soooooo cute... love it.

Dad of Four said...

Sis - Must sit down and discuss!

Rina & Halwafy - My sis expert bab2 nih! Lucky me!

D - Take the next flight out. U r mowt welcome! :)

Xis - I like it too.....Believe it or not....that was the first "draft" and instantly approved!

mcatz said...

Halwafy, ala, biasa je...*blush*

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly