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16 May, 2007

May Birthday Galore

May and August are the busiest months in our household in terms of birthdays. Wifey (she celebrated her 39th when I was away. She actually called me to ask me to wish her a happy birthday which was unlike me coz I remember birthdays and important dates. Because of the time difference I was a bit confused plus my time was fully occupied with ibadah), Ib and I (mine will be later this month) celebrate our birthdays in May whilst Khadijah, Yusof and Kauthar (our late daughter) have their birthdays in August. That's left with Umar who's a January baby.

Birthday celebrations for us are always private affairs confined to immediate family members. Except for one which we threw for Khadijah and Yusof when we moved house seven years ago - it was really a 2-in-one kinda thing (housewarming plus birthday).

Ib has broken the tradition though since last year. He actually asked for a party! We organised a mini party for him so that he could invite his closest friends which came up to about nine kids. It was themed Power Rangers and boy they had fun! He has asked for one again this year. Wouldn't you if dad and mom had given their greenlight last year?
He's turning six on 17th May and as usual, parties and the kids stuff (apart from cooking) is my portfolio. I really didn't have the time to organize one before I left...So there I was, over last weekend frantically arranging for food and venue! I had a picnic in mind but that was left as that i.e. NO ACTION......!
Drove deep in to Kemensah last Sunday (10 minutes' drive from home) and found this eco-friendly resort called Isi Rimba and were were greeted by the owner who led us on to his wife, Kak Heart who organizes parties, campings etc. This is exactly what I had in mind - an adventurous party for Ib! They'll be catering the food - a barbie with fried rice and fried mee hoon and dessert plus the decor! Basically we just have to turn up with cakes (cakes because Umar wants a party too!), extra clothes and towels! They have blocked about 5 huts and a bamboo chalet for us to use and of course the stream! They are also throwing two water games and a 1/2 an hour river-trekking adventure up to the water fall (if our guests are up to it).
Yeayy...problems solved! Till Sunday and Ib and Umar just can't wait for it....(me too... - sheepishly).

Ib's small party last year


Dave Richards said...

This was really nice to read...thanks for sharing this wonderful post...and hope everything goes well...also drop by mine sometime and check out some of the stuff i've posted there!!!

wan said...

haq.....haihz rindu pulak tgk gambar2 nih.......rasa mcm nak pergi lagi.....kalau tambang 4 5 ringgit....tiap2 minggu I pegi kekeke

Dad of Four said...

Dave - Thanks for dropping by...I'll visit yours soon!

Wan - TU la pasal!

Intan said...

the last time we had a birthday party was 3 yrs ago and that was also a housewarming too! hehehe! easier for me, too.

Pato & Pearl said...

Haq, welcome back from your Umrah..dan sebelum terlambat, happy birthday.
By the way, we've done our tag..(sampai orang tu dah balik umrah, belum buat buat lagi..)hmm sungguh the very paiseh..hehe. Sorry mate, we're really occupied. But hey, great fun!

cheers - Pato & Pearl

Adam said...

My son is also turning one too this month.

D said...

i lurve organising parties for the kids - it's the time to really reward them and make them feel a wee bit special. Last year my 9 year old twins had a party themed "pirates" and they've considered it the best party ever. I'm happy we had it because now we're so far away and they had fond memories with close friends. (sorry, taking too much space here!). Looks like Dad is looking forward to birthday, eh??

sherrina said...

uiksss...there's a resort in the deep kemensah forest? strange, I never knew about it. Please elaborate more about the location and the places when your party is done. Thanks :D

p/s: Happy Birthday to Ib :D

Dad of Four said...

Sherrina - Basic resort. Normally they have all sorts of teambuilding training, motivational camps etc. You can click on the link in my posting for further info. I'll be posting the bday party l8er.

Dad of Four said...

Intan - People with great minds think alike! LOL

P&P - Thanks for the advance bday wish. I'll check out the meme!

Adam - Birthday wishes to your son from all of us!

D - No problem with taking up space..Write as much as u like!

Pirate parties are fun! May be next time for Umar/Ib.

bola2api said...

Ib shares the same birthday as my ayah. We celebrated his birthday 2 wks ago when we were at the kampung.

be careful when you do the river trekking. It's rainy season and the stream current might be a bit too string.

Dad of Four said...

B2A - Happy belated b'day to your dad! Thanks for the word of caution!

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on my mind certainly constantly