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24 May, 2007

Ampang Daily Photo Blog

I'm sure by now you guys know that my daughter, Khadijah has two blogs (look at the right panel under MY HAUNTS) and one of them is a community blog which she joined after wifey and I encouraged her to do so. One of her interests is photography, so it's a natural progression and logical that she did so.
Just before her exam commenced she received a comment from a Melbourne University journalism student, who happens to be a Malaysian, doing an article on photobloggers and DailyCityPhoto community and wanted to interview her for the fact that she's the youngest photoblogger in her community. I actually read this first and, naturally, got a little bit excited over this and told her to reply, after making some checks, to say that she's interested in the interview through emails but only after she'd finished her mid-year. Ans so she replied last night and asked her to cc a copy to me....Her goes the email to Al****:-
"Hello Al****,

Heheh you should also try visting Malaysia Daily Photo [http://malaysiadailyphoto.blogspot.com]. The blogger is new to the community. ;)

Yes I'm the youngest but I'm sure there are more students younger than me who would want to try posting on their city. I feel very delighted and happy to be able to show Ampang through my eyes.

I found out the Daily City Daily Photo Blog community when my father showed me Kuala Lumpur Daily Photo. That was the first Daily Photo Blog site I saw, and from there I started browsing other Daily Photo Blogs. I started Ampang DailyPhoto this year on March the 21st, so I'm still quite a newbie in the community but the newest member is the Malaysia Daily Photo as I've mentioned before.

At first, it was rather hard to post a picture everyday. But after a few months I got used to it and now it's like a hobby after a day at school.

I started photography last year when my dad bought me my first digital camera. What attracts me about photography is that it helps me to wind down after a very tired day at school and photography als helps me to see things from a different point of view.

In my opinion it has helped me to be more responsible to post everyday to show what's going on here in Ampang. I think it has made me learn about other countries around the world and can imrove my Geography better. I sometimes feel nervous when I know that other people around the world view my pictures. I feel worried about the quality of the pictures if the picture is good enough but at the same time I feel happy because I get to share my city to everyone. I think it has changed the way I think a bit. It has made me think more mature than how I used to think.

I guess that's about it; just drop me another e-mail because I know I did this kinda badly.
Have a nice day!"

She's been asking for a dSLR to bring her to the next level.....We'll see how she performs in her exams this year. So far -has been very encouraging! There goes RM3k end of this year...LOL. But the deal is to share the dSLR with me!

Ah well....it's wifey's and my education philosophy to bring up our kids well-rounded. Well, isn't that most parents' philosophy? As schooling in Malaysia is academically-focussed...we have to really crack our head to think on how not to bring up our kids as stereotypes and not kill the right brain of our children in the process.

I used to, long ago, have this idea that my kids must live my dreams......I found out soon enough that it always backfired. It's now suggesting to them what they might be interested in and give them our fullest support once they have made the decision.....I had made a mistake a few years back asking Khadijah to take up flute....and excitedly I bought her one....A year later she dropped out - her reason was she was not comfortable with a male instructor....And trying to find a female flutist was sooo difficult. There was one lady flutist from the MPO but she was very busy and hence explains a grand worth of investment is lying somewhere in her room idly...But she'd play for me occasionally. She's picked up the piano instead now.....And that is her choice!


Xis said...

firstly, I like the way you raise your kids. Giving them the freedom to explore and make use of what they like to do. Not many parents especially Malays, would actually do that way. They just want their kids to follow what they want the kids to be without realizing the harm they actually do to their kids. I believe, parents in all means, should support their kids in doing anything they like as long as it benefits them. Unfortunately, not all parents are like you. Some, they rather see their kids' dreams unfulfilled. Some, they even scold their kids for doing something the parents disagree about. That's so sad. To be frank, I think you and wifey are ones of the best examples to all parents.. especially modern's day parents.. A good role model.. at least to me.. (just in case I become a parent later).

fairuza umar said...

Dad of Four,

i've been following your blog for the past few days.

a Nikon D40 dSLR will cost you under 2.4K and probably cheaper if youask around. you'll get the camera bag/carrier, tripod and memory card - depending on which store offers you more freebies.

just a thought from a humble cikgu.

Fairuza Umar

halwafy said...

Hmm..I wonder what mistakes that I have made now that I will come to regret later..

It's distressing to think about it because it's our kids' lives we're talking about!

May Allah show us the best way to nurture and bring up our kids.

D said...

that's one lucky Khadijah you've got there. InsyaAllah she's in good hands there.

bola2api said...

For the best cam deal in town, call Jason 012 2892858.

I just called him asking about Canon EOS 400D body with kit lens, and he quoted RM2690. Add RM200 for 2GB fast memory card.

I also have a DSLR myself but riding time has limited my shooting time. Too bad..

Maybe dijah would like to visit my fren's blog who is a photography enthusiast herself. She uses Nikon 80D.

Dad of Four said...

Xis - Alamak ...dont know what to say..Just doing our jobs what we think is the right way....

Halwafy - You've done your part..with God's guidance insya Allah everything will turn out fine.

D - : )

B2A or shall I use your real name? -I called Jason and told me that you had called earlier (wah he's really a people person!). He's such a gentleman.

You bet...he gives quite a good deal...D40 for only 2,180 with bag, 1G, filter and tripod! A steal! Must give him a visit...

Dad of Four said...

Fairuza - I missed replying to you...How embarassing! I appreciate your visits....D40 sounds good. Here's a D40X which is a month old in the market. And a basic package from Jimmy (see B2A's comments above) is about RM2,600 - What a steal! D40 basic package is about RM2,200!!! Thanks anyway! I moght just get it before her end of yaer exam results are out.....and it will be mine temporarily pending results...LOL!

Do come back here!

bola2api said...

my sis bought the cam already!

my sis have met him n said that he's a nice n helpful guy.

I'm never met Jason, only called him a few times to compare prices actually.
(I think you can use my name lah haha)

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly