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26 May, 2007

One short of forty

I turned one year short of forty six hours ago ...and very proud of it!

As usual my birthdays are like any other normal days. I like to keep it that way. My first birthday card was given last night about 9 pm when I sent my accounts assistant home and it was signed by both my secretary and her. Thanks J*** and In***. It was totally unexpected.

Today is also the birthday of my brother-in-law! If you are reading this, which I doubt, "Happy Birthday and many happy returns". He has cancelled his trip to Langkawi with his family together with d-i-l and m-i-l as d-i-l met with an accident last weekend.

D-I-L will get discharged today if everything is ok. Wifey and I are supposed to bring him home since we have a "lorry" (this is what I call my MPV - friends have jokingly asked me to upgrade to a mini-bus ever since wifey is pregnant with no. 5 and seriously they have a valid suggestion; we need a bigger vehicle!!!!)!

NB : Thepicture is taken fromwww.betterphoto.com and the copyright of Khawla S. Haddad whose website you can visit here


D said...

Happy One-Year-Short-of-40 Birthday!!(what's in a year?!) May the best be laid ahead for you...

khaier khamis said...

selamat ulangtahun, en haq!

ruby ahmad said...

Here's wishing you 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY'.

May all your wish come true.

No 5? Congrats to both of you.

Z of E said...

Abg Haq,

Happy 39th Birthday...dari katil hospital.


I'm a day behind though, but then....Hepi Hepi Birthday To U.
And thanks for that link, really like the pic.

Dad of Four said...

Thanks everyone!

Ruby - Have to change the blog title in October when the baby arrives!!!

Zeyn - Get well soon!!!

Minah C - Glad you like the site!

Adam said...

Happy Belated birthday. Hope it was fun.

Xis said...

happy birthday...! 1 year short... err.. that's what I had when I was about to turn 30s..

halwafy said...

Happy belated birthday!

1 year older and 1 year wiser..:)

Hope you had a good birthday. Jgn lupa sujud shukur!

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly