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09 April, 2007

A Picinic

Yesterday, I woke everybody up at about 6.15 but Yusof and Khadijah slept back right after performing dawn prayers. Whilst reading my daily dose of news and blogs, the word "picnic" sprang in my head!

Thought quickly and decided Kg Kemensah stream. Although it's 5 minutes' drive from home I have never brought the brood for a dip in the stream and a picnic. Had a quick word with wifey and she called Kak Jie about quarter past seven to order 10 packets of nasi lemak and a few packets of teh tarik (tea with condensed milk) and Milo.

We drove almost right till the very end of the tarmac road and found that they are a few basic "eco resorts" which offer really spartan chalets for rent either overnight or day use. Decided on Jinbara Chalet Rimba and they charged us RM30 for day use (i.e. until 3 p.m).

It was horribly cold, the water.....My two boys , Yusof and Ib kept splashing me with the icy cold water! Umar decided to retire just after 15 minutes in the water because there were loads of spideys and froggies...What do you expect from these kind of places....! A while later, a frog leapt towards me which startled me and then, I understood why Umar left us in the stream.

We were there for 1.5 hours because that was my kids' promise...Had things to do at home.

The chalet or hut rather....

My boys splashing water.

Shampooing Umar's hair ala bathing a baby.



FloweRinTheDesert said...

urgh i hate frogs and anything slimey!

ur sis said...

Uihh..bestnya. Maybe we can spend a nite at ur place n go there on Sunday morning :)...boleh ka?

Intan said...

looking at these pictures, i suddenly realised that the last time we went on a picnic by the river was when my children were very, very young... more than a decade ago. just the thought of getting ready for such an event is already making me tired! i am really loosing out on nature's funtime.

Dad of Four said...

Rin - Quite normal....! :)

Sis - Anytime!

Intan - I like to surprise my kids for picnics (much to the annoyance of wifey) because planned picnics are never fun..May be because the kids get all excited the night before and cant leave you at peace! LOL!

FloweRinTheDesert said...

my girls don't...!!

Superwomanwannabe said...

hey mana ni haq....macam best je....jauh tak dari rumah i( har har har!)

Dad of Four said...


on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly