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18 April, 2007

What a friend!

Driving Yusof to school yesterday,I tuned in to my favourite English channel FlyFm. Fly FM Fix-it was on.

A guy called in for FLY Fm crew to fix his problem which he has been facing for the last three years and it's really bugging his conscience!

What happened was when he was 17, he stole some exam papers from one of the teachers. To make it worse, the day he stole the papers, there was a spot check conducted by the school. He was, according to him, a "clean" guy in school being teacher's pet and all.

When he found out that there was a spot check, he quickly stuffed all the stolen exam papers in to his best friend's bag (K**ar)....The nerve....!!!! K**ar was caught red-handed and was suspended from school because of this! I can imagine the shock Ku**r had!

Ku**r's supposedly best friend (can't remember his name because I was too appalled), believe it or not just kept tight-lipped! The gall!
And he had been keeping it from his best friend all these years until yesterday! Facing and telling his friend face to face was too frightening that he had to ask help from Fly FM morning crew.

When the deejay called Ku**r and told about it...he just couldn't believe what he had heard and went silent for a good one minute! When his friend apologized...guess what? He actually accepted the apology without any qualms! I was like..........???? But I was emotionally moved by Ku**r's gesture though.....I would have reacted differently! But this is an example of unconditional love at its best, don't you think?

What they didn't air over the radio was Ku**r's revelation that his own parents did not believe that he didn't do it! I think that's terrible....

When asked by the crew as to whether his problem has been fixed, Ku**r's best friend's answer was "Not until I have met Ku**r & Ku**r's parents face to face"...for redemption!

Have you ever betrayed your mate's trust? I know I have never!


FloweRinTheDesert said...

I love Fly FM Fix it. Poor guy that Kumar. Dah le kene frame, pastu nobody believed he was innocent. I hope he ended up successful in life.

Anyway, did u hear abt the gf trying to get her bf/fiance to commit, and getting Fly FM to fix that lil problem up? They called the bf who was overseas, and a minah salleh answered the phone. When they asked for the guy, she went "Oh honeeeyyyy..." something to that effect. And all the while the girlfriend was listening on the other line! Horror nye! Kantoi terus! LOL

Pato & Pearl said...

Gosh..the secret kept for sooo long...have to try to tune the channel? wat's the frequency? entah boleh dapat ke tidak kat SGP ni.....haha


Dad of Four said...

Rin - I missed that one....I heard a daughter who refused to get married to the fiancee chosen by the family and boy the dad was mad!!!

P&P - Try 102.5 since that's the frequency for JB...It may work! Good luck!

Intan said...

i don't think i can forgive or forget if i get betrayed like that. maybe forgive after a while, but not forget.

ZEYN OF ENVY said...

Abg Haq,

i couldn't agree more with Intan. i've been in similar situations a few times but i'm glad they have made me strong.

Dad of Four said...

Intan & Zeyn - Ditto! But that Ku**r person....is really a forgiving person!

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly