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26 April, 2007

Supper with friends

Just came back from supper with some good friends (three other couples to be exact)....! There was a communication breakdown though....Wifey and I ended up at Leha Kelfood (dunno what that means..may be "Ke L" as in Kuala Lumpur) in Melati Utama whilst the rest were waiting for us in Desa Melawati! We have not done this for quite some time now.....So you can imagine the sharing and exchanging of information within 2 hours!!! And one of them did not realize that wifey is pregnant! LOL! Anyway she's always the last to know in anything....
We had Penang fried kuey teow (flat noodle), extra crispy cucoq udang (prawn fritters) and laksa utara (rice noodle with fish based broth originates from the northern state). Somehow the quality of food didn't matter in the company of good friends whom we can rely on during bad times or good times. That said however, the food was good; the prawn fritters especially.
This group of friends we have, have been an intrinsic part of our lives since five years ago...We ferry each other kids to school, have fun times together and share our challenges with....etc etc... True friends are difficult to come by in this age of "dog kill dog" and racing to accumulate material wealth. We are really blessed to be in their company! Looking forward to more years ahead with them and the rest of our good friends out there!


Adam said...

Really miss our midnight supper trips to various food stalls in KL with my wife after we had put the kids to sleep.

Dad of Four said...

Adam - I'm sure....May be when you are back we can have meet up at Mamak! LOL

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly