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13 April, 2007

Crying for attention

Is this a cry for attention? (Yes Rin, it's happenning in pur household too...and I don't know when will it end)

He's been sucking his thumb....(he used to when he was about 3 until he turned 5), drinking his younger brother's milk from bottles...He did not even object for me to post this piccie here! And he is turning 10!

Everybody in the house is crying for attention (including me - which I have no plans to reveal in what aspect) since wifey found out that she's pregnant.
Umar has been crying over the slightest reason...or sometimes over nothing! Ib too!

I suppose the only person who's not affected is Khadijah..the supergirl!


FloweRinTheDesert said...

LOL...i'm at a loss for words. ;)

ur sis said...

Yusof loves to drink Poupon's milk too!!

Adam said...

I guess new babies have that effect.

sherrina said...

congrats :D
wah, sorang aje yang mengandung, semua pulak yang meroyan....huhuhu


Biasalah...yg mengandung sorang, yg kena serpihan banyak.

Dad of Four said...

Rin - I was dumbfounded too....! Sempat posing lagi!

Sis- I know!

Adam - Yup!

Sherrina - Tu la pasal!

Minah Celoteh - TQ for visiting!

Superwomanwannabe said...


dont worry abt the bottle. its a comfort thing and at least its healthy.

bear with it lah..kejaaaap je..sume ni cobaaaaaannnnn

heh heh heh...

Dad of Four said...

SW - Ya lor....

bola2api said...

hmm.. takut nak komen..

err.. hope the feeling fades out when the baby comes out!

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly