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27 April, 2007

200th Post

Yeayy...It's my 200th post and it dosen't seem like it! I never knew I could post this many entries..

Yeterday, I declared an off day for the staff..But I went in anyway to finish some work with three other staff until about 2 pm. Wifey was supposed to bring the boys to a park to play footie but it rained. Parents-in-law came for a vist with my nieces and I arrived home as they were finishing lunch. Took a nap and my parents arrived. So there went our plan to bring kids to Kinokuniya...

Have you ever been to Queen's Park in Cheras (near Taman Maluri)? It's our fave place mainly for our organic food stuff and the outlet stores there. There's Esprit, FJ Benjamin, Annakku, TeddyTales, FOS, Jerasia (Nike, Naf Naf & Calvin Klein) outlets selling off season stuff.

Initially we thought of driving all the way to Ikano to get Mukti moisturiser (purely organic) for my mum from Justlife and bring the kids for meatballs at Ikea but since mom and dad were around, we left the kids at home and went to Justlife Queen's Park instead, which is a lot nearer.

Went to Guar***n to get some supplies for my Umrah trip and wrapped up the night with the new Pesto sandwich (which a friend recommended) and Nantucket Pineapple, Orange and Passion Fruit juice at *bucks.

Bought vegetables, black bean and oatmilk drink for the kids, organic passion fruit mayonnaise for me and Mukti moisturiser for mom.

I like the simplicity of the display at Justlife.

You can get off season Nike, Naf Naf and Calvin Klein from here.

Had this fantastic new Pesto sandwich from S***bucks


Intan said...

I've been there a few times! Hahaha! Eh, only because(my excuse) it's just near the 911 restoran rose, a really must-eat negeri eatery in kg pandan.

congratulations on your umrah trip! may Allah blessed you to be even better muslims!

Xis said...

I was there at Queen's Park yesterday, for the first time ever. Never heard of it before, till my friend, Retro X told me about it. So, we both went there yesterday after we went for a movie.

Dad of Four said...

Intan- TQVM

Xis-I was there about 8.30 till 10pm.

D said...

oooh., congrats on the 200th entry! My, my, you do write a lot, eh? Kudos!

ps: you're an all-organic man?? oooo!

Dad of Four said...

D - TQ! Trying to be all-organic but can burn a hole in the pocket in the process!

ZEYN OF ENVY said...

Abg Haq,

Congrats for the 200th entry. i hope this won't be your last. selamat pergi dan selamat kembali. :)

Oya said...

Late congrats on your 200th poost. I had my 100'th recently...

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly