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09 April, 2007

Phone galore

Brought my daughter out yesterday since she had to replenish her stationery and we normally either go to Popular bookstore @ Ampang Point or Westar or Advanco in Taman Melawati for my kids' stationery. She wanted to go to Ampang Point to snap pictures for her daily photo blog and have her bi-monthly dose of frapuccino at San Fran and I had to do some grocery shopping at Gi**t. Good choice - Ampang Point!
On the way up to Popular, I was a wee distracted by a mobile phone kiosk just to ask how much would they buy my old handphone. They said RM300. I thought it was a good offer since all this while other mobile phone vendors have been offerring RM150 to RM200. Immediately I browsed the offerrings there to trade-in.

Was choosing between a Sony Ericsson ("SE") and a Nokia. I'm a Nokia person for life! The only point why I was considering the SE yesterday was the RM100 price difference. Of course wifey had bought me the 6288. This new one is intended for our household pool-use when the kids have extra co-curricular activities etc. I just had to top up about RM230 for a brand new phone - my old phone was not reliable at all for the kids to use ....the keypad gets jammed; "no service" messages all the time; it hangs once in a while and the battery has basically reached its life-span and etc etc. I spent a good one and a half hour deciding and asking loads of questions!

Yup it was a value-for-money buy the 5220 Nokia purchase....! On the way home, I changed my mind - this new phone will be used by wifey whilst wifey's old phone will be the pool-phone for the kids! The kids just need a phone which can receive calls and dial out - PERIOD.

And in the end, my daughter only managed to get her stationery minus the piccies and frapuccino!

It's been a week of upgrading old phones....Yup we do it once in two years....!

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sherrina said...

wah, welcome to the club (new phone club)....me also like u, only get new phone once in every 2 or 3 years...

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly