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13 April, 2007

Kak Ros 911

I just enjoy eating good food but it doesn't qualify me a foodie.

Attended to a client for signing some where in Ampang Hilir quite close to lunch time. Kak Ros of Kak Ros 911 masakan nogori (Negeri Sembilan food) came to mind. Made a quick dash thereafter to Kg Pandan where Kak Ros' situates and lucky me because it was off peak. Otherwise I would have to join throngs of corporate wigs eating masakan kampung (traditional food)!

This place was introduced to me by wifey some 13 years back. Her colleagues, then, used to drive all the way from the Golden Triangle to Kg Pandan for their masak lemak (dishes cooked with coconut milk) fixes. We used to frequent this place at least 4 times a year but because of the location we have given it a miss a number of years now. Just two weeks back, wifey and her office mates went for lunch at Kak Ros and she hugged her asking where she's been all this while! Apparently she serves traditional kuehs now and her badak berendam and lepat pisang are to die for according to wifey which I have yet to try.

They serve mean gulai lemak daging salai (smoked beef cooked in coconut milk) - mmm.. actually they serve mean gulai lemak (very thick and hot - not good for the heart but who cares?); period!

How to get there? Drive towards Kg Pandan via Jalan Kg Pandan. You drive straight on at the traffic light which turns into Desa Pandan. You will see a huge modern-looking Naza Motors show room on your left and get ready to slow down... You'll see Kak Ros 911 to the right (it has a mango tree in front of it, if I'm not wrong). Another landmark will be - huge cars parked in her compound and around the vicinity during lunch time.

Why the name 911? I dunno really...we never gotten around asking since we normally get engrossed with the food there!


bola2api said...


u must've enjoyed the food so much until ur grammar n spelling pun ada kacau sikit hehehe.. ;)

macam best jer.. I normally get my fixes kat kampung my hubby coz they cook good food.. lemak, gula dan minyak secukup rasa. nasib baik balik ke situ 4 kali setahun jer..

goboklama said...

pagi2 lagi dah baca entry ni,berbunyi perutku,lum breakfast lak tu! :)

Dad of Four said...

B2A - Posted at 5 in the a.m.....tak sempat edit...I thought I saved to edit later rupanya dah published! LOL

Qisst - Enjoy your bfast!

ur sis said...

The badak berendam n lepat pisang mmg to die for!!! I've tried it and mmg sgt sedaapppp :)!!!

halwafy said...

That's my hubby's favourite lauk in the whole world..masak lomak daging salai :)

Dad of Four said...

Sis - I must try then!

Halwafy - One of my faves too!

Matjoe said...

911 it's the old number for emergency, there a story about it


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on my mind certainly constantly