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14 April, 2007

Yusof the leader

Yusof had shown the sign of being a leader since he was 3+ when he attended Kindicare. He was the most popular and never a follower! Even parents of his friends would approach us and used to say..."So you are the dad/mom of the most-talked-about-kid, Yusof. Initially we thought it was a bad sign...only to find out later that all the kids adored him in school!
Anyway, Yusof has done it again...He pestered us to get paints for his class-beautification project to be brought to school today. He has to go to school every Saturday for extra classes and has (not really..he actually has an option not to) to stay back for this project.
I thought the project was initiated by his teacher and he had volunteered (as always in any other projects) to bring the paints. I only found out today whilst we were having one of our ritual casual chats that he had proposed to the teacher for this beautification project and the teacher flatly replied in the negative. Dissatisfied with her reply, he took a class poll overriding the teacher and the rest voted unanimously in favour of his proposal and told the teacher "20 lawan satu, 20 lah menang" (20 against one; majority wins!). And hence the project came into place to his delight!


Superwomanwannabe said...

wwwahhhhhh ni boleh join politik

halwafy said...

You must be very proud of this young man...:)

Pato & Pearl said...

hahahahhaha..this kid really has a bright future...You and your wife must have been proud..."sejuk perut ibu mengandung.."

Pato & Pearl

Dad of Four said...

SW - Very diplomatic too!

Halwafy - Definitely....

P&P - Perut bapak pun sejuk...LOL!

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly