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07 April, 2007

Yusof's sports day

This morning I wished that everyday is Yusof's sports day!

I was updating my blog at about 5.30 a.m and there Yusof was already wide awake and took his shower without my having to drag him out of bed like I have to do every morning and nagging him in the morning at our house goes without saying! He loves the bathroom that he has to spend about 20 minutes at least under a hot shower!

He finished his shower in less than 15 minutes today and started harassing me to send him to IIU's sports complex from 6.15 am right till we left home at about 7.30 am. Reached the complex at about 7.45 am but it was still exceptionally quiet for an event to start at 8 a.m. Left him there and headed home since the first half of the sports day was dedicated to the Montessori school and Primary One to Three - basically telematches! We have learnt our lesson through attending past years sports day. We did not have a choice then, but to stay put from morning till about 4 pm as Yusof was in the lower primary whilst Khadijah in the upper!

Headed back to the complex at about 10.45 a.m and I was just in the nick of time to watch Yusof's first event, the 100m dash. He tried his best considering that he had blisters on his left foot - it was bleeding badly two days before and I applied minyak gamat (sea cucumber ointment) to let the blister dry fast...and it did! Fourth place...not bad at all!
His second and final event was the 200m run. He was consistent throughout and earned him a third place..Way to go Yusof! It was his stamina that pulled him through despite his slight "injury"...

His "house" - Yellow house won the best marching team and he also won first prize for tug-of-war!
I have this to say...kudos to the organizing team for making the sports day short and sweet! It ended 10 minutes ahead of schedule. For the last two years - they were too draggy and ended 3 hours later!

Anxiously waiting to compete when I arrived.

At the start point of 100m

Running his best for 100m

Clinching 3rd placing in 200m

Medal time!

Comparing medals with his good friend, A**u who won 1st place


sherrina said...

congrats to Yusof

Dad of Four said...

Shherrina - Will tell Yusof! TQ on his behalf

Superwomanwannabe said...

nampak macam yusuf takes after his atok eh???

Dad of Four said...

Superwoman - Ya lah....So athletic that one OR rather trying hard to be athletic!

wan said...

Yusof sooo energetic and athletic....errr his daddy pulak macam mana???

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly