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04 April, 2007

The Dinner

You guys must be bored to death already with my Ruby Anniversary postings. Hey! One for the road guys!

My brother reached Muar at about 5pm to fetch my parents and it was raining cats and dogs along the way! When he arrived dad was cleaning up the porch and driveway because there was a flash flood. Mybrother was sooo hungry that he had his meal first and when he finished, my parents were still not ready yet. When they were finally ready..he was pressed for time to reach Langat 8.30 pm that he had to drive like an F1 driver all the way!

Menwhile, we in Langat had a series of black outs...The resort is powered by a private generator and they were heavily overloaded that night because they had 5 events running at the same time which they admitted (only after our event) that the generator could not cope! Luckily they have a back up generator and power was restored just before my parents arrived. Otherwise I would have sued them personally...Nah...just kidding!

Well the dinner turned out fine. I shall let the pictures below do the talking!

Swarmed with emotions - hugging dear sister.

Hiding actual emotions - that's dad for you!

Looking perplexed and feeling surreal.

Selawat (praises for our Prophet).

Hugging my brother on the way to the main table for dinner

Yusof and Afiq with their interpretation of 60's garb with the opening and welcoming speech.

Dad's brother's wife signing the guest book.

My dad's only brother at the main table.

Crooning "Dealova" - an ode to the couple

Family piccie after cutting the two tier pulut kuning (yellow gluttinous rice)

Concentrating on the video presentation

Speech by the couple - didn't know my father can be sooo eloquent and witty!


halwafy said...

Looks to have been a success and I bet it was brilliant. Congratulations you on a job well done..you did do most of it, right..?

ZEYN OF ENVY said...

Abg Haq,

glad it was a success. your folks must be so proud of you and your sibs. Congrats for planning such a special 'do. :)

Dad of Four said...

Halwafy - My sister was the one who worked very hard..I was merely co-ordinating

Zeyn - Alhamdulillah

Pato & Pearl said...

So many post we've missed whilst we're away..and loads to catch up reading...BUT quickly scan through the RUBY WEDDING and it is sooo wonderful to see the joy pictured here..Congratulations to your parents and we pray for all the best to you and your family. A lot of effort with love is put in we see...

Pato & Pearl (we'll catch up reading the rest...)

Dad of Four said...

P&P- The travelling ducks are back!Welcome home...Hope you two enjoyed Cambodia....

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on my mind certainly constantly