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16 April, 2007

Sunday Lunch

Ch** Y**n and Ch**s, our good friends and ex-neighbours, invited us over for lunch to sample their latest offering at their Kopitiam (Traditional coffee shop), mee hailam (noodle cooked in soy and oyster sauces with prawn stock). Their most recent addition is also ayam masak merah (chicken cooked in tomato sauce) which basic recipe is wifey's! Our Sunday drive from to their abode was exceptionally smooth! We brought along kuehs from Mak Jah's (next to SPCA Ampang) and my all time favourite, sun-dried tomato loaf from the Bakery.

Upon arrival we were greeted with their ever verdant and very well-kept garden. What do you expect from two garden enthusiasts? Wifey and I both were inspired by them when we moved to our current home.
The mee hailam was gorgeous - a mixture of oyster sauce and dark soy suace in prawn broth with Sarawak black pepper poured over yellow noodle, greens, chicken strips, sliced fish cakes and sauteed prawns.
Our boys had fun playing with Tz* M*nn, R* An* and J* An*. They didn't want to go back....I hope we didn't overstay the hosts' hospitality. We made our way back when Umar cried to go home.....! Umar is a home-body you see.....and he will always be the one giving cues to dismiss our fun time.....

Mee Hailam

Home made soy bean milk

Home made tofu fah served with palm sugar and grass jelly.

Time to say goodbye


Intan said...

now ur making me hungry!!


tofu fah...my favorite.....minus the grass jelly lah of course hehehe

Xis said...

Tofu looks good! Wonder if you and your family went to Hot Station Taman Kosas last night?

Dad of Four said...

Intan - That's the whole idea! LOL

MC - I don't usually take grass jelly. This one was grass jelly with honey...Nice!

Xis - You're back! No..we were so knackered and slept early!

Anonymous said...

nmpk cam cair jah... milo beng tabur atah lagi sedak.. hehe gurau je..

Dad of Four said...

Anon - Bilo nok belanjo ambo nasi dage?

wan said...

The mee hailam looks nice....

Pato & Pearl said...

homemade tofu tu nampak sedap lah!!!...slurp slurp..


Dad of Four said...

Wan - Very nice and different!

P&P - Very silky the texture and tastes damn nice!

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on my mind certainly constantly