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07 April, 2007

Yeayy a new phone

Wifey just told me that she bought me a new phone but I will only be getting it next Tuesday (Thanks dearest darling if I forgot to say it earlier! : ) ). I'm not a gadget person, by the way...!My kids are better versed on what's the latest in the market; what's in and what's uncool....! To me as long as, with it, I can take pics (to update my blog), mms, sms and email (not forgetting to call and receive calls) it ROCKS!

I'm sick of my phone now which is only barely 1.5 yrs old....I have spent close to 0.5k moolah since January this year to get it repaired! I suppose what motivated wifey to get me a new phone because there have been a lot of times my phone/network (which I have yet to determine which one) will give a "the number is not in service" message! I myself get frustrated because my clients have been bombarding me with a series of complaints that I could not be reached most of the time (thinking that I'm avoiding them...Heloo....? They are the ones who pay for my house car etc etc and why should I avoid them?) ! We'll see with this new phone next week!

p/s Owh...Khadijah is having her end of term French test today and her definition of flunking, when I asked her about her entry in her blog about "flunking", is getting a B (nice to know that she sets high standard for her.... :)!)


Adam said...

Nice toy.

BTW, I nominated you for the Bloggers choice award http://www.bloggerschoiceawards.com/ for Hottest Daddy Blogger

Dad of Four said...

Adam - Not sure whether this blog is worthy of the nomination...Thanks anyway! :)

dijah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dijah said...

can I have ur old handphone?
waiting with one bucket of hope

sherrina said...

that's a nice handphone :)

Dad of Four said...

My daughter - Only in emergency cases that that phone is on loan!

Sherrina - TQ!U've got a new toy too! :)

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on my mind certainly constantly