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24 November, 2006

What a load of crap!


Khadijah is moving to secondary school next year and we, as for now, have not secured a place for her. A lot of bureaucracy for us to deal with at the moment. Khadijah and Yusof are currently enrolled in a non-government school in Gombak. We are planning to move her to an established government school as, I dont think that I can give her support at home with secondary education (left this era looooong time ago). Her school which she attends now is a fairly young school and I think that an experienced and fully trained teaching personnels are required for this level.

I have been making a lot of phone calls to inquire the steps and procedures which we should embark on but, as I found out yesterday, it's relatively easy......There's this pro-forma which we need to fill in "Permohonan Kemasukan Murid Ke Sekolah Menengah Kerajaan/Bantuan Kerajaan Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia" - a two pager but with loads of documents to support the application. One phone call to the relevant department to inquire the schools which we can apply for Khadijah was met with "Owh.....dari sekolah swasta tak boleh pilih2 sekolah. Sekolah2 yang bagus langsung tak da di dalam list untuk budak2 dari sekolah swasta. Cuma ada sekolah2 "biasa" sahaja". I was like....? Excuse me, I also pay tax every year without fail and why the discrimination? My hunch is that all the controlled schools are reserved for the well connected despite the fact that the "candidates" do not meet the grades required for admission (got to know this from a teacher who said that it's difficult for the teachers to ensure that the grades for major exam are within the government's expectation because of this whole load of crap admitting students not based on merit.....). Ah well, I have yet to explore further on this as I still have not started filling in the form.....That's for this weekend!

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Ct. Kha[dijah] a.k.a diJAh said...

Get me a good school daddy!!!
I need one badly!!
♥ u foreva!!!

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly