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26 November, 2006

End of Part One..and the celebration continues






Well.....I truly enjoyed myself today attending the bersanding ceremony and the reception at the bride's place despite the heavy downpour. Yup the bride indeed has a name, Dilla!

When we (my family and I) arrived, no one else was there and we decided to park our car by Tasik Biru to enjoy the scenery while waiting for the entourage. A slight hitch which caused the delay - my dear cousin misplaced his blue "songket" which he was supposed to don during the bersanding ceremony. We waited patiently (my kids not included- the three boys were busy attempting to inflict injury amongst them. Boys will be boys!.....LOL) for almost an hour. We were met by a group of kompang boys who accompanied us for the procession to Dilla's house. I have not been to a kampung wedding for a loooong time...It's always the sterile, well planned with complete boring protocols weddings in KL. To me, weddings which do not have the flaws and hitches are not weddings ( I know super melancholy guys (read Littauer's Personality Plus) will cringe at this thought!) E.g. yesterday's wedding - there was the groom who misplaced his "kain samping"; the heavy downpour which caused flash flood (yours truly walked barefoot to get his car to avoid his suede shoes being drenched) etc...That's what make a wedding a memorable one!

And I tell ya, the food was damn bloody gorgeous not to mention a wee bit wicked (i will post later on this). We, then, adjourned to one of my aunts' house in Kg Melayu Subang for tea (we had bubur teochew; pisang goreng; popiah goreng; kuih kasturi and of course kopi kampung!). Well it's the end of part one of the wedding......and the celebration continues this coming weekend in Muar; cant wait for the briyani.....yum..yum.....As for now, back to the rat race!

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