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13 November, 2006

My quest for a perfect family portrait

Every Syawal, without fail, means a photography session, after the Syawal prayer and a heartful meal, to immortalise supposedly the happy faces of my kids and the wifey celebrating Eid. Yet, year in year out my quest for a perfect family portrait is too elusive. Take this picture as a testimonial to that statement....! Pictured smilingly happy are only wifey and yours truly. On your left (sitting next to me) is my eldest daughter, Khadijah (12 y.o) whose moodswings are almost akin to that of a yo-yo or may be the corkscrew ride I had in Alton Towers eons ago! On my lap is Ibraheem (who is in K1) who is a terribly perfect melancholy (if you have read Florence Littauer's "Personality Plus" - basically a highly organized individual who is a creature of habit and loathes that his routine being disrupted); hence the awkward pose in this picture; he was receiving his usual dose of Playhouse Disney when yours truly had to interrupt his audience with the royal highness, Blue the dog on "Blue's Clues", I think! On mummy's lap is my youngest, Umar (turning 4 this coming January) who was crying his heart out because he wanted to be on the other side of the picture.. This is the phase, believe you me, all my kids go through....with the exception of Khadijah, wanting to be the next Rio Helmi or Luca Invernizzi Tettoni, which I fully support, except that to my disappointment, it only lasted, based on my older two boys, until they were four! D***! There goes the golden opportunity to have a famous photographer in the family! Lastly but not least my happy-go-lucky Yusof ( 9 y.o) who thinks that life is all fun and nothing else and who aspires to be at least an MD of a company emulating my dear brother, Man, who incidentally is one of his idols. He bullies his brothers at home to be his drivers or PAs in his role-playing sessions at home. HE THINKS BIG, definitely, wanting an empire like Trump's (minus the women)! As a dad......I always tell him (and to the other three of course) that "Impossible is Nothing" (to quote Adidas)! Well......it's one more year to go in search of A PERFECT FAMILY PORTRAIT and in the mean time enjoy this 1/3 perfect family picture which is the piece de resistance at the moment! LOL!

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on my mind certainly constantly