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18 November, 2006

My Yusof - the domesticated and thoughtful one

You know how your lives are coloured by interesting and vibrant characters; and without them you basically lead bland and nondescript lives? Well, Yusof is that character in our family. Thank God for that; we are truly blessed!

He is truly an amazing individual with inexhaustible energy. He vaccums, mops and cleans his room every other day.Washes his shoes, cooks nice egg and butter fried rice (mind you, we are talking about 12 mid-nite some times, when his hunger pangs hit him out of nowhere and nothing in the fridge would satiate his empty tummy), scrubs his bathroom spick and span and the list just goes on and on. Khadijah if you are reading this entry (which I'm sure you are coz you are my numero uno fan, right?) , I'm not pressuring you dear..I still live by the creed that "each individual has his/her own strengths and weaknesses".....(Isn't the hint gargantuan enuff, Ms Khadijah?- mmm the last time i used this word was for SAT some 20 years ago). LOL!

Wifey goes to "Pasar Tani" (weekly market which sells local produce) every Saturday and we are talking 6.30 am Saturday mornings here..and guess who accompanies the wifey? yup it's Yusof alright (occasionally I do; but I have got other portfolio to cover at home....LOL). The only setback if he follows is that he tends to be one hell of a compulsive shopper wanting everything which whets his appetite ranging from nasi lemak with three hard boiled eggs (all for himself) to keropok lekor. But, he remembers what his other siblings like and would buy for them on mummy's account! Yup he is indeed a very unselfish and generous lad (He also remembers that I love pisang berangan from Pasar Tani; aint that sweet..[sigh])! Just the other day, I brought him yet again for food shopping (don't you think kids are just like walking incinerators? The fridge becomes like it is just delivered from the electical store every other day. How I wish I had that walk-in-bottomless fridge, which our OZ friend once fantasized about, for my kids at home.LOL), to a local supermarket and was choosing a tub of margarine and I finally settled on Vitalite "Lite" (mmm....to reduce daddy's waistline) - much to his objection he said "No not that one daddy. Ibraheem and Umar love the Vitalite "Buttery" (no wonder I always catch these two sitting in front of the fridge contentedly, digging in to the margarine tub stuffing this fattening stuff in to their mouths); don't you just hate to see the "digging" trace in the tub. Gross! This is yet again a classic example of how Yusof remembers the nitty gritty - on which ocassion daddy would have scored an F (read "fail") had it not been for his thoughtfulness and intervention. Thanks matey!

Yusof is one big dreamer (see my first entry). But we have to change his value system a bit; he believes that whatever with expensive price tag is good.....Ain't that bad......! Well as parents we are here to lead and guide. Once you have done all you possibly can on your part, it's the working of God thereafter! That's what I truly believe!


Anonymous said...

yes. very true. without struggle there is no strength!

The Superwomanwannabe said...

love your kids.

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly