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26 November, 2006

Tasik Biru - but not so blue like 5 years ago....

This is where we went yesterday (for the solemnisation of marriage for Memeng) and today (for the "bersanding" and reception). I used to go to this place five or six years back on some Staurdays while waiting for my kids finish their classses at Taman Tun Dr Ismail (my main reason was to find a plot of land to buy with an old traditional house already built thereon- no it did not materialize, unfortunately; but come to think of it, fortunately, because this place has lost its old charm).
True to its name, it (the lake) used to be so azure but not anymore. It's a bit greenish now. Pictured clearly here is how the place has been developed with some blocks of condominium units (still under construction) at the fringes of the lake. The price you pay for development, huh! This lake used to be Phillippa Yoong's (and I heard Alex Yoong also jet-ski/water-ski here too) jet-ski and water-ski playground (my ex-secretary from Kuang told me this). You can still see a ramp portruding in the middle of the lake in the picture above. When we went yeterday there was one jet-skieer having fun in the lake but not today; it was empty.
I think it is still a good place to go for the weekend. There are lots of food stalls around the south side of the lake. I didnt see any form of activities which families can indulge in, though. May be a picnic for the kids. I saw a "wakaf" quite near the edge of the lake. But then again, with the development around it, it has lost the quaintness but heck.....enjoy it while it lasts!

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