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16 November, 2006

Happy Wheezer

Do these pictures accurately depict a supposedly sick child?I for one fail to understand that everytime Ib is hospitalised, he is more active and happier at the hospital.... ( he used to call the hospital "hotel" when he was about 2/3). His paediatrician calls him a"happy wheezer" because despite difficulty in breathing he can still jump about, run and climb, mind you! He's recupertaing alright and just today his phlegm are all "loosened". Due for 2 physio sessions today to make his chest less taut. At the rate he is going he may be able to get his discharge tomorrow but will miss, sadly for him but hooray for his dad, his year- end party at school..Thank god for that (as he will miss his asthma-trigger tid-bits (read : sweets chocs crisps and the like)!
p/s btw these are all Ib's self-portraits using yours truly's cell phone! There's still hope to have Rio Helmi in the family.....LOL


on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly