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28 November, 2006

Everybody now..."Food Glorious Food"

The Buffet spread

Left to right : Rebung & Perut Masak Lemak;
Daging masak asam pedas with daun limau purut

Clockwise from right: Ikan masin, kacang botol and sambal belacan

My Plate

The only disappointment of Memeng's wedding reception, to me, was how the food was served - buffet style. I was hoping for the dishes to be served at the dining table like the good old days; but you do need a lot of people to help serve all the guests, though, of which help is difficult to come by nowadays! However, the buffet spread titillated my sensories to the max which inevitably made my displeasure somewhat negligible.
After the "silat pengantin" session, both bride and groom were ushered to the dais area (the groom's family inclusive) for the "bersanding" and "tepung tawar" ceremonies and we had to walk past the food area which of course got me more excited than to witness the said ceremonies. I, of course made a quick detour to the buffet spread and started sampling the food (no offence Memeng!). We had the choice of plain rice (cooked "kawah" style) and saffron rice. There were "ayam goreng berempah" (deep fried chicken marinated with spices), beef rendang, rebung and perut masak lemak cili padi, daging masak asam pedas, sambal belacan, ikan masin and ulam to go with the nasi. I'm sure the dishes were not cooked by caterers but by the hosts with the help of their neighbours which explains the yumminess of the food. Had it not been my conscience which was playing tug-of-war with my heart, I would have stuffed myself crazily with the offerrings. As you can tell from the picture of my plate above, I was very restrained, to my surprise!
BTW, I had the first taste of "perut" during this ocassion as i did not even realize it was one of the ingredients. It was ok......and i dont think i will consume it in the near future.
All in all, a very satisfying sunday lunch for me..........

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