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25 November, 2006

Tis the season to get hitched.........

Weddings....and more weddings.

This school holidays mark the end of singleton days for at least two of my cousins. Geez...I can still remember carrying them around in my arms and feeding them with bottled milk. How time has really flown past. In 15 years time it will be my turn to give away my daughter....(sigh.....), provided that she stops saying "I hate boys!". My Yusof has vowed that he will never get married so that he can look after us....aint that sweet. I know this will be transient and the minute he reaches puberty ....it's a different story altogether (Dont you just want to give this stage a miss - all the explanation and stuff! I'll cross the bridge when the time requires me to do so. As for now.....reading a lot of materials to get myself prepared).

This avo will be the "akad nikah"" (solemnisation of marriage) ceremony for Azmir aka Memeng some where near Tasik Biru, Kundang. I was to contribute fruits for one of "hantaran"/gifts to the bride which I almost forgot yesterday; thank god for my mum reminding me. Hit Avenue K after work about 8 pm to get them and got like three huge plastic bags worth of fruits. This fruit stall at Avenue K is worth a visit. They sell the fruits fresh and prices are very reasonable. If you are looking for bargains, visit them 8ish p.m coz they will be clearing items of the day; like last eve. I bought fresh dates at RM10 for 4 packs which otherwise would have been 3 packs for that price. This is our fruit stall haunt for the past one year. Whoops...I have digressed...

Anyway, can anyone tell me why are weddings predominantly held during schools holidays? Once the school terms starts, the urge in the brides and grooms also halt? It's not as if the weddings are held during weekdays during school holidays? I tell you, my parents normally receive 6-7 wedding invites a day for weekends during the school holidays and I truly admire them for making the effort to go to each and every one of the "khenduri"/wedding reception. We have one "akad nikah" today and two receptions tomorrow and I'm like already feeling exhausted reading the invitation card. Ah well.....like my mum always says "Kalau tak pergi khenduri orang, orang pun nanti tak datang your khenduri". Yup we are going to both the receptions tomorrow. Will post some photos of Memeng's akad nikah l8er!


The Superwomanwannabe said...

I didnt even know you takda kat rumah eeeeh teruknyeee!!!Anyway, update us soon yah. Thanks for letting us in on the Ave K thingy- proper shop or stall je?

Dad of Four said...

It's kinda semi-shop lot.

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly