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28 December, 2006

Yet another wedding

The spokesperson

The gifts

The dais

The paperwork

Signing life away?

Spoonfeeding or what? - The script

The nervous bride

The handshake

Icing on the cake for moi

I was meant to post this ages ago, considering that the Akad Nikah (solemnisation of marriage) ceremony took place some one week back (22nd December 2006 to be exact) but was too lazy to do it. Anyway....yes Fuad aka Ad has finally joined the bandwagon of men with commitments etc etc etc.......But he is only 22!!!

It was a manic Friday for me with deadlines and clients' unreasonable demands....Had to leave work early for Ad's nikah. Rushed home, took shower donned my best garb fit for a wedding and screamed at Khadijah to get ready in the process (yes brought Khadijah along so that she could experience a nikah ceremony). We left home about 7ish for Kg Melayu Subang (my aunt's house) to gather before proceeding to Pinggiran USJ (the bride's house-Fiza). The nikah was scheduled to commence at 9 pm. As always, driving in KL on a Friday evening is just hell. Managed to cilok here and there and reached our first destination an hour later....Not bad, actually for aFriday evening drive.

We had my brother to lead us to Fiza's house as he had the privilege of having Ad in his car. I was cussing like mad at the way he drove...zig-zagging throughout the journey..I was driving an MPV for god's sake with three kids and a sevnty plus year old aunt! Anyway, survived the Formula 1 guide and safely reached Pinggiran USJ just on the dot only to be told that the kadhi (the person who administers the ceremony) was still in Bukit Jelutung! The kadhi that evening was the Reistrar of the Register of Marriage & Divorce of Petaling Jaya. Apparently, they were short of staff as the other two kadhis were away performing their hajj.

The ceremony had to be done in a reverse order to save time.....! The exchange of gifts first.....the dinner second and lastly the nikah. Anyway, it didn't matter to me as I got to eat first before the nikah. Dinner was damn brill.....There was gulai kawah which is peculiar to the east coast clans (Fiza's father is from Trengganu). It was lovely.. I had fried ikan selar and gado gado (i think it was.....). An unusual combination but it sync really well in my tummy! Dessert was kek gula hangus (caramalised sugar cake)!

Upon the kadhi's arrival we were ushered in and had to leave our food behind...sigh! That was about 10 ish. At least we were only an hour behind..I remember one nikah ceremony wifey and I attended (my father's brother's nikah) some 14/15 years back...we had to wait from 8 pm to close about 2 am...! The kadhi for Ad's nikah was like Ben Elton...very funny! So it was quite a breeze for the couple and the crowd that night. Intermittent with laughters, the ceremony was not a dull and mundane one. I enjoyed it!

To my disgust though, the Kadhi came up with a script for the groom to read when accepting the nikah.....! I was like.....excuse me? How difficult can "Aku terima nikah (so and so) dengan mas kahwin RM80 tunai" be? I must confess... the whole experience can be daunting..More so if you have a fierce looking kadhi! It is known that sometimes the groom has to recite the acceptance of the nikah a few times albeit the sentence is less than a two-liner!

Anyway.....read my daughter's blog for more pictures on the nikah and the reception at my aunt's house....Having withdrawal syndrome to write about weddings for the time being!!!

Congrats Ad & Fizah.....!

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