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20 December, 2006

The Rolls Royce of Chocs

I was given this yummy Royce chocolate by my partner (thanks Ping). Ping told me that this is the Rolls Royce of chocs.....! Gawd...I have never tasted such decadance in a chocolate..It just melts the minute it comes into contact with your tongue which you have to experience it yourself to appreciate what I'm trying to explain..!

It came nicely packed and insulated in this padded bag with a small ice-pack as well (and the whole package tied with an exquisite organza ribbon as a touch of class) just to ensure its freshness and to protect it against our harsh weather. The choccies came in small blocks...possibly about 16 of them in the box. The one Ping gave was au lait, I think (milk chocolate)...covered with cocoa dust to the max....! Yum Yum.

I was tempted just to have it all to myself and wallop everything at the office but the brood at home has somehow planted this chip in my brain that I was not supposed to! And just like a remote controlled robot...I brought the divine package home..YES to share!

Yours truly, wifey and the brood whacked everything within seconds, literally. Wifey and I had about three pieces between us and guess who ate the most? Yes Ib and Yusof.......! Despite the bitterness of the cocoa dust, surprisingly the kids loved it...Underneath the bitterness lies the heavenly melt-as-soon-as-it-enters-the-mouth choc...Mmm...., I feel like dashing to Isetan KLCC now and get one box, this time for moi strictly! Nope cant possibly do that..client's coming!

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Ming Suan said...

You can always depend on Datin to find all kinds of exclusive food to get addicted to. Has she introduced you to the steamed cheese cake also from Isetan??? ONly slightly less sinful than Royce chocs..

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly