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14 December, 2006

Gobsmacked by Sanders today!

This posting by Sanders really hit me right in the face....What have I added to my personal resume this year? 2006 is just about to come to its close in about 17 days' time...Well for one, I started blogging which I have been wanting to do for the past two years..does that count? I should think so... Oh yes.....I also started eating healthily this year....So there, I have two things to add to mypersonal resume..Yeayy!

Apart from that, no i haven't added anything new to my life. Well, still have half a month to find something to do.....PROVIDED I can make the time for it. Isnt it a bit cliched to say...you dont have time for things ? Fact of the matter is, it's about time management, aint it? It's a matter of making time for it....I dont want to suffer from "excusitis" (learnt about this new disease in a book called "The Magic of Thinking Big" by Schwartz which I read four years back).
So people.....before you start regretting in the following years to come....., it's really not too late for anything! Just get to doing the things what you have been thinking of doing or always been wanting to do....Get to the "ED" mode and not "ING"!!!

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on my mind certainly constantly