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01 December, 2006

Tower Records - you lost one sale!

Whilst waiting for the movie (CINTA) to start I loitered aimlessly on the 3rd floor of Mid Valley, going in and out of some sports related shops (didnt buy anything coz the sale starts tomorrow) whilst wifey and Khadijah were on a book-hunting mission at MPH (they actually bought about 5 books - 2 for Khadijah, 2 for Ib and 1 for Umar and none for me......sigh!). I discovered this music shop, Rock Corner, after my feet almost gave up on me, to my joy! The minute I entered the shop, I saw the Original Sound Track CD of the movie I was about to watch (CINTA). Actually, I called Tower Records yesterday to inquire whether it was already out but the sales assistant told me that it would be quite a while before the CD would be out (i suspect that that sales person was just too lazy to check - this is the level of customer service in Malaysia, if you have not noticed!).

Overall, the soundtrack carries two new songs for the movie while one is a cover version by VE for the movie specifically. The rest are nice songs....I give it 4 out of 5. Khadijah likes "Pantun" by Zainal Abidin and she's taken back her words that Perpisahan is not nice.... The last track on the CD is quite touching as it is excerpt of dialogue between Alisa and her Dad.

Well Tower Records, with one sale lost today, this might have not reduced your profit margin dramatically but think of other opportunities lost if you keep hiring staff with indifferent attitude!

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on my mind certainly constantly