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17 December, 2006

Yeayy...short hair

Thanks wifey...finally my two little Smurfs (they dont have Smurfs anymore, do they?) have short hair.....Thanks to yours truly's procrastination. It's really not procrastination but the desire to see then both like Brit Indie band members..(like Oasis etc....). Well they dont exactly turn out to be like them....Their hair was all over the place and looked very unkempt until dear wifey could not stand it anymore...Worse still for Ib; he had eczema all over the scalp which almost ended as a bad infection as he was scratching all over his head and bled in the process...(all dad's doing!). A visit to the hairdresser took care of it and they look happier, I must say. But they dont come cheap nowadays for a haircut...It's like RM15/pax on a dry cut...My dad sometimes, whenever my kids are in Muar, takes them for RM3 haircuts....without compromising on the quality of haircut...!
Well, I still have Yusof to bring to the hairdressers next week...before we leave for Langkawi!

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on my mind certainly constantly