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12 December, 2006

Lokman Aslam of OIAM

This boy (Lokman Aslam) truly has got potential.....His voice is unique and fresh for the Malaysian music industry...But he only made it to the top 7 round which is a very disappointing news for me.... I did not follow closely One In A Million ("OIAM") but stumbled upon his video clip on youtube whilst searching for the song TERBAIK by ELLO which i really..really like. I think Lokman's rendition of this song is very moving....I've had enough of Mawi, Felix and the lot on the airwave....It's time to give talented persons with originality and individuality the spot which they truly deserve; not just some other singers' clones!....Enjoy the video clip and here's the lyrics (which is simple but meaningful).....

Just click on his name above for link to his website which will play the song terbaik once you are connected and you can sample his perfomances throughout OIAM! Enjoy!


Tak kusangka
Kau hadir di hidupku
Kau penuhi semua
Impian hidupku

Sungguh Tuhan
Ku bersyukur padamu
Kau izinkan aku
Untuk mencintainya


Kau terbaik
Yang pernah kumiliki
Jangan kau
Pergi dariku
Namun bila
Harus berpisah
Ku ingin kau tahu
Kaulah yang terbaik

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on my mind certainly constantly