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13 December, 2006

Malaysian Gastronomy Gem

Well, check this out! An Ang Moh food blogger who puts any Malaysian to shame.....Very adventurous indeed..... It's so sad, I can say that for myself, how we stick to the norm and routine & not realizing there're loads of interesting fare out there waiting to be discovered and devoured.....Check out the springy banana cake pic in the entry "Smoking Allowed"!

Enjoy this blog which I have put as one of my links (nice pics too!!!!).....I certainly am enjoying it!
NOTE: the blog covers both halal and non-halal food!

disclaimer: the picture is the copyright of the owner of eatingasia.typepad.com


Robyn and Dave said...

Hey, many thanks! We're flattered to receive a thumbs-up from a local. If you have any favorite makan spots you think we should check out, pls drop us an email. We'd esp. appreciate tips on halal spots.

Dad of Four said...

Hey Robyn & Dave,

Both of you have done a fantastic job....! Gr8 blog!

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly